YMB #53 Character Education for Families: A Conversation with Heather McMillan


Welcome to a brand new season of the Your Morning Basket Podcast. We are kicking off the year with an important but fun conversation with the creator of We Choose Virtues, Heather McMillian. I love Heather’s enthusiasm for helping teach kids about virtues.

Drawing on her years of experience as a teacher and children’s pastor, Heather has created a system that opens a dialogue in families about good character and helps parents go beyond just securing good behavior and really reach the hearts of their kids.

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  • Christina Szrama says:

    Please send Heather’s son to Katy Bowman’s website, Nutritious Movement. She is able to get people back to full range of motion and true strength throughout the range of motion in revolutionary ways!! She has a great podcast too.

  • Lindsay says:

    Pam, could you share the link of the product you have of hers? I am interested but overwhelmed by the choices! Thank you!

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