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Calling all homeschool moms who want to do more than just “check off the boxes”

Ever feel like you spend a lot of time planning…
Only to end up with mediocre Morning Time

Hey there homeschool mom. So you’re a little lot tired of having to come up with great Morning Basket resources on your own


Morning Time with your children is the best way to build relationships and enjoy learning together

… But I’m willing to bet that you already know that. Because you’re here!

And that’s why you cherish your moments as a homeschool mom

But let’s also call homeschooling what it truly is: taxing

Rewarding and fulfilling, yes! But still, taxing


  • You’ve spent hours searching Pinterest and blogs but you never seem to be able to find the really cool ideas
  • You’ve made a plan only to not have enough (or tried to do too much) — a sure-fire way to suck the joy right out of Morning Time
  • You’ve purchased other plans, but only some parts of them interested your family or they were too complicated to follow
  • Your responsibilities fall far outside just homeschool, too. You’re managing your entire house on top of it all – meal prep, kid drop offs, house upkeep
  • Your kids – bless them – un-do things… 

But you can’t shake the vision you have of a happy homeschool with kids who are engaged and learning more than just the basics of an education

You yearn to share truth, goodness, and beauty with your kids… you just wish it wasn’t so hard to make the time to plan it

You see, there are two ways homeschoolers typically go about starting a Morning Basket


The Do-It-Yourself Path – I love creating my own plans, but I will be the first to tell you that finding great resources is just plain time consuming. How do you know which poems and art are “good ones?”

Who has time to sift through piles of library books or fall down a scroll hole on Amazon searching for the right books? And don’t even get me started on the dead links and empty promises of Pinterest. Nobody’s got time for all that.


The Almost-But-Not-Quite Plan – While anyone can slap a few resources in a chart and call it a set of plans, that doesn’t make it easy to use. (Not to mention that cheap PDF comes with zero support.) What if you don’t want to do the nature study? Or the picture study bores your kids to tears. Is it even worth the price you paid for it? Your choices are to keep doing something you hate or scrap the whole thing and go searching again. A lack of flexibility and support make your Morning Basket a chore.

It’s no wonder that so many homeschoolers throw up their hands and give up their vision of doing Morning Time with their kids

Which proves you’re not to blame for the inconsistent Morning Basket time in your home.

That’s where we come in…

Hey friend – Pam here

While I love creating my own homeschool lesson plans, I realize that it’s not something that everyone enjoys. I’m just weird that way.

Pulling from my 12 years of homeschooling experience, seven years as a classroom teacher, and training in curriculum development, I can sniff out a good resource at 50 yards.

I’ve been told that my superpower is breaking down big tasks into small manageable steps — I do believe that is the nicest thing anyone ever said about me — but I know that my real gift is finding the best person for every job. 

That’s why the entire team here at Your Morning Basket Plus is so good at what they do. From choosing the best books, to offering support from years of Morning Basket experience, to making digital products that are a breeze to navigate, this is the team you want on your side every step of the way.



Your Morning Basket Plus

The done-for-you solution for moms who want to start their homeschool days with delight.


Inside you’ll learn how to:

Create a consistent Morning Basket habit without having to spend hours planning and choosing resources. 

No more last minute Googling for Mama to find just the right composer, poet, or artist to go along with the book you’re reading. Psst… we even help you choose the book too

Combine your kids for subjects like history, science, and so much more

Save hours of your time and your sanity while teaching your kids at the level of difficulty they need

Build relationships and pour into your kids before asking them to produce schoolwork 

Enjoy coming together in the morning and reap the rewards as they thank you for making homeschooling enjoyable — really! We’ve seen it happen again and again

Connect your family with a community that shares your homeschool values

Tap into help, ideas, and years of collective homeschool experience — never feel like the lone-homeschooler again

Keep your kids engaged with joyful learning and interesting subjects 

Go beyond just checking school off the list to enjoying interesting topics that challenge you to look deeper at the world around you


You’ll beat burnout and learn to love your homeschool

By creating a simple daily rhythm & spreading a feast of ideas…

Feeling the joy and confidence that you’re finally engaging with kids

Who have better attitudes, connect as a family, and look forward to learning so much more.

I didn’t expect the plans to cover so many subjects. That was a pleasant surprise. Now Morning Time happens consistently. I finally feel as though we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing and my heart has more peace.

Rhonda Caluttung

Growing up in the public school system, there’s so many things we didn’t get to learn about. I was in the sciences, I didn’t do liberal arts. I’m super-excited about all the art appreciation and the music and the poetry and all the things I’ve missed my whole life. For me, it’s exciting every day. I love learning. I love seeing what y’all put out there and it’s just as an enriching for me as it is for them.

Sarah Alley

Morning Time has become our best part of the day. It is where we come together and connect with truth and beauty, and possibly the best part is that the work has been done for me. The time it would take to pull all of this together on my own is well worth the money.

Jessica Adam

Here’s what’s inside Your Morning Basket Plus…


Done-for-You Sets of Morning Time Plans

For the ultimate in easy Morning Baskets choose from our already planned sets. We have seasonal, early learner, literature-based, liturgical, and even history plans that can replace your entire history curriculum for elementary school. 

Become a Morning Basket Ninja when you:

  • Choose your plans and gather a few supplies and you’re ready to do Morning Time in your home tomorrow
  • Pull up your plans each day on your mobile device. No more juggling clunky PDFs that seem to disappear off your computer. Everything you need is at your fingertips in a few clicks.

Walk away with everything you need to quickly and easily do a fun and engaging Morning Basket with your kids each day.


Morning Time Explorations

Channel your inner fun-mom and set her free with our bite-sized activities to add a little delight to your Morning Time. Each monthly theme is more than a unit study, giving your family the chance to find truth, goodness, and beauty in every subject.

Engage your kids’ imaginations when you:

  • Display your fun tracking poster and mail away for stickers for each Explorations set you complete (never fear — you only need to do three activities). Kids love getting mail!
  • Use our strewing ideas to continue the learning long after Morning Time is done.

Walk away with ideas and activities your kids are going to love doing.


Lesson Plan Lists

These plans by subject allow you to mix and match your Morning Basket topics to create your own Morning Time plan. We have dozens of topics and are continually adding more.

Put on your Morning Time DIY hat when you:

  • Add our Lesson Plan Lists to your own Morning Time favorites. You get an extra helping hand without throwing out what is already working.
  • Mix and match the Lesson Plan Lists and our Explorations for the ultimate in variety and flexibility.

Walk away with the tools you need to create a Morning Basket that is best for your family — a little bit of you and a whole lot of help where you need it.


Daily Morning Basket Texts

In a busy season but still want to stay consistent? Get a Morning Time activity texted to your phone each morning including the links you need to make it happen. Instant Morning Time.

Get consistent with your Morning Time habit when you:

  • Enjoy a daily reminder of your goal. This is the perfect nudge to be consistent!
  • Have everything you need right at your fingertips at the same time each morning.

Walk away with a no-fail plan for Morning Time each day. Nothing is easier than reading a text and clicking a link.


Your Morning Basket Plus Community

Never feel alone on your Morning Time journey. Our community of over 1100 Morning Time moms is here to answer your questions, suggest a resource, and celebrate (or commiserate) every step of your homeschool journey.

Never feel alone as you:

  • Connect with moms who speak your homeschool language and understand your struggles. We have been there and done that.
  • Discover ideas and resources you haven’t considered as we pool our collective years of homeschooling and Morning Time to solve any problem.

Walk away with new friends and mentors who want you to succeed as much as you do.

We don’t just open the doors and let you wander aimlessly without help or mentors; here’s where we help you succeed…

Basket Basics Our step-by-step guide that helps you beat decision fatigue and get your new Morning Time habit off to a great start. You get two trainings to choose from (or do both!), an easy-to-follow path, and prizes sprinkled in along the way!

The Monthly Focus Beat overwhelm by following our curated list of the best material in YMB+ each month. Don’t wonder about which plans and replays you should do right now; we give you a short list of selections to try each month — Morning Time decisions made.

Morning Time Plans in Community Two times each year we guide you through getting started with Morning Time by working through a set of plans in the community. The Morning Time Walk Through has a guided prep session for moms, daily activity texts from the plans, fun contests, and a final show-and-tell where your kids get a chance to shine.

I have absolutely loved it, because I don’t have to go hunting for ideas. It’s nice that I have the flexibility to use the books we have at home or follow my kids’ interests, but I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I can just use what’s there and adjust it to meet my family’s needs.

Christy Jacob

I’m not new here, but after 15 years of homeschooling, I knew something was missing. Now we wouldn’t think of doing school without starting with Morning Time. The “extras” are no longer extra; they are an essential piece of our homeschool. Morning time for us is just as important as math.

Shelly Anglin

Here’s a recap of everything inside

Over 50 sets of done-for-you Morning Time Plans (value $946)

Twelve annual Morning Time Explorations Sets (value $180)

Dozens of Lesson Plan Lists to mix and match (value $192)

Daily Morning Basket Texts each weekday (value $180)

Library of 100 video classes (value $616)

Morning Basket special events twice a year (value $120)

Total Value: $2234

Price: $400 per year

Today’s price:

$190 per year

THE LOVE YOUR MORNING TIME 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Try Your Morning Basket Plus for 14 days. If you’re not finding more joy in your homeschool days, feeling the freedom from hours of prep and planning, and getting the support you need to have a better Morning Time, then you can have your money back. In fact, if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason just email info@pambarnhill.com for a refund — no questions asked.


So nice to meet you…

Morning Time Plans Annual SubscriptionPin

Pam here — homeschool mom, former teacher, dog-lover, and recovering perfectionist.

In the homeschool world I’m the go-to gal for all things Morning Baskets and homeschool planning… and I’m honored you found your way over here today.

As a born control freak I thought that if I wasn’t the one doing all of the planning for our homeschool and Morning Time that I was doing something wrong. After all, wouldn’t I be missing the biggest benefit of homeschooling — a personalized education — if I didn’t pull everything together myself based on what we were studying?

Boy was I wrong.

I wanted to read the best books, share the best poems, and learn about beautiful music and art. These are the things I value most and starting our day this way keeps us in a good state of mind for doing the hard work that comes later. Yet often it wasn’t getting done consistently, because I didn’t have time to make a plan.

The solution was creating a team of moms who write beautiful Morning Time plans and resources for thousands of homeschool families to enjoy. My team and I read hundreds of books and geek out on researching art, poetry, and resources. 

Now any family can have a Morning Time that is always engaging and changing. It is the perfect way to start a homeschool morning.

You Might Be Wondering…

How do I find time to fit all this in with everything else I have to do?

Here’s the thing. If you want your homeschool to feel different then you have to prioritize different things in your homeschool. It all comes down to shifting your priorities. The good news is when you do, you will start to see the fruit in your children’s attitudes and your entire school day. Give Morning Time about 40 days of priority in your homeschool and you will begin to reap the rewards of more joy, more engagement, and better attitudes (many see it LONG before that).

As a bonus we have so many resources that will help you combine your kids for subjects you may have been doing separately. That’s another huge time-saver right there.


What if I don’t use it?

Our team is committed to helping you get your Morning Time journey off to a great start and will help you choose the Morning Time path that is right for your family and situation. No two families use the Your Morning Basket Plus exactly the same. You can choose which tools (and how much) seem right for you. The value is great if you use a little or use it all.

Also, remember those daily texts? Sign up first thing for the handy reminders that come right to your phone every morning! Other reminders include our weekly email newsletter and community notifications (you can turn on as many as you want and leave off the ones you don’t).


What ages are appropriate to use this with?

Our Morning Time resources work for kids from toddler to teen. We have early learner plans for ages six and under as well as our general plans for everyone else. Many of our general plans and Explorations include a “level up” option to add more depth to specific topics for older students, but even the regular activities are appropriate for all ages.

As an example, if the plans are having you do a picture study of a Monet painting, that activity is appropriate for all ages. If you have only older kids you might leave off the suggested picture book about Monet’s life. The value of the original activity remains the same.


It’s a little chaotic when my family comes together. Can I really make this work?

With a plan, yes! Often it is the lack of planning and knowing exactly what you’re going to do that makes it easy to lose kids during transitions and for chaos to erupt. If you have your materials prepared and are easily able to transition from one activity to the next things go much smoother. Character issues such as bickering will still need to be dealt with, but Morning Time is the perfect safe-space training ground for your kids to learn to get along well with others. That’s part of the value of Morning Time (even if it doesn’t always feel that way).

Of course if you have a toddler, you’re in the hardest part of homeschooling. Your Morning Basket will need to be short for this season as the toddler learns how to participate in this family time. While we can’t make this part easier, we can take the planning off your plate.


What if I get overwhelmed with all the choices? 

Most of our members love having access to all.the.things.all.the.time, but we understand that for some that can be overwhelming. That is why we have curated a special place called the Monthly Focus. Each month we load fresh content into the focus, and you have a small selection of choices instead of a large one. The focus selections are often seasonal and include the current Explorations, a few sets of plans, a handful of event replays, and some lesson plan lists. You never have to leave the focus to get an incredible value out of your subscription! We’re happy to narrow down the choices for you.


In plain language what is the biggest difference between the different payment plans?

Access for each is almost exactly the same. The biggest difference is that Annual and Quarterly offer a significant financial discount. Annual also has access to a special vaults for Explorations and Little Explorers that gives you an entire year of plans to choose from at all times.


Will this automatically renew?

Yes! To ensure you don’t miss anything and remain at your current locked-in pricing, YMB+ will automatically renew one year from the date of purchase (annual) or one month from the date of purchase (monthly). You will get an email five days before your renewal date as a reminder. You can manage your renewals at any time on your dashboard.

If you cancel, you will remain active until your renewal date — you do not immediately lose access. 

Refunds will not be given past 14-days of a purchase date of a new subscription. The 14-day refund period is to ensure the membership is a good fit for your family, Refunds will not be given on renewals. To request a refund you must email info@pambarnhill.com. Canceling does not trigger a refund automatically.

What happens after I check out?

You will receive an email confirming your purchase. At any time you may log into your account to access the Your Morning Basket Plus Hub and community, access your exclusive content, and your Morning Time plans. If you have any problems, email info@pambarnhill.com for assistance.

What if I would like to use the plans in my co-op?

Please reach out to us at info@pambarnhill.com for our very affordable co-op pricing!

Should I get an Annual or Monthly?

Great question!

Annual is best for the person who loves more options to choose from. With the annual plan you get access to more Explorations and Little Explorers plans. It is also a much better deal financially if the initial outlay fits in the budget.

If you opt for our two-payment plan you can spread the annual fee over two months for a small fee and still get access to the annual benefits.

Quarterly It is a great option if the annual price doesn’t fit in the budget right now. You do not get as large a selection of Explorations, but still access to enough to keep you busy.

Monthly is best for people who want to give the subscription a try and see what is on the inside.

If you start with the Monthly or Quarterly you can switch at any time on your dashboard.

Is there Christian content? What is your statement of faith?

Many of the plans do contain Christian content, though secular families in our community have told us there were able to adapt the plans to their needs. The Catholic (big C) plans are labeled as such and are written by Genie Shaw. While Pam is Catholic, the remainder of the plans are ecumenical. They are written by Jessica Lawton who is a member of a reformed church. History plans are sensitive to our ecumenical community. We profess the Nicene Creed as our statement of faith.

What else do I have to buy to do the plans?

We are currently in the process of revising all of our older sets of Morning Time plans and creating new ones that rely as little as possible on outside resources. This process is ongoing and consistent, but will take us into 2024 before complete. Our goal is to create new plans that are largely self-contained. We always try to keep our families’ budgets in mind as we make the plans.

When we do include one or two additional paid resources in our plans, we have partnered with the providers for exclusive coupons of up to 25% off the resources you need.

We also encourage you to make substitutions for books, check your library, or even feel free to skip a subject entirely if you must.

Have more questions?

If you have another question that has not been answered here, email us at info@pambarnhill.com. We will be happy to help you out.

I never thought I’d be able to actually use an open and go plan. I’m actually pretty good at pulling things together, but these plans are really, really great stuff. I love the book choices, the poetry, and the memorization selections. I could go on and on.

Rena Sites

If you’re on the fence about joining, you just need to join. It is so worth the small investment. It’s a community that really, for me, has given me confidence and peace.

Jessica Dumas

Let’s take a peek into what not joining Your Morning Basket Plus might look like… 


While you know you want your homeschool day to be more joyful, and you think a Morning Basket might be the answer, you still struggle with consistency and making it happen on the regular. It’s time-consuming to plan, seems too complicated, and your perfectionism means you spend all your time looking for just the right resource and nothing gets done. The chaos and overwhelm makes you feel defeated before you even get out of bed.

But that’s not the path I want for you…

Between you and me – I’ve created Your Morning Basket Plus to help people like YOU… create a Morning Time with beauty and depth that helps your days flow better. You deserve to have the confidence to pull together materials for your Morning Time and actually make it happen.

That’s why your investment inside YMB+ will help you create a homeschool focused on truth, goodness, beauty, and family.

The bottom line is I know how impactful a planned Morning Time can be on your life. I deal with all the doubts, wondering if I am failing my kids. I worry about burnout and fatigue. Morning Time is the one practice that helps me handle all those fears. I can see the fruit in our days.

But don’t wait! You want to start creating your new homeschool today!

We would love for you to join us inside and start a Morning Time habit that will bless your family. 


It brought in that structure that we needed as well as the truth, goodness, and beauty that l helped us focus our hearts on God and helped me really remember and embrace why I am homeschooling! The plans were the perfect training-wheels that I never knew I needed!

Rebecca Flynn

These plans made me super excited that someone else had already put together lessons that were themed and that meshed well with each other. My children are thoroughly enjoying memorizing Shakespeare! I love seeing them get so excited and ask what we’re going to learn about today.

Susan Todd

Here’s what’s next…

I am so proud of you for joining Your Morning Basket Plus and I am so excited about the difference it is going to make in your homeschool — you’re going to love the all the options, the easy planning, and the consistent Morning Time you will enjoy.


Don’t wait. Create a Morning Time you love today!