Christmas can be a time of stress for homeschooling families. On top of their regular school activities, there is holiday cooking, shopping for gifts, visits from family, and not to mention the neighborhood kids are all out of school.

Instead of fighting the season, try a little Yule School and make Christmas the curriculum.

Instead of adding items to your to-do list this season, instead replace the history, science, art and other subject you normally do with holiday studies. Take the time to enjoy the season and each other as you learn each day. Christmas activities for homeschoolersPin

Christmas Activities for Homeschoolers

Check back for more resources December 1-December 25.

Advent Wreath

Though many of these links are to Catholic sites, many Christian traditions use the advent wreath and the customs can be adapted to any denomination. 🙂

St. Nicholas

The Nutcracker

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Christmas Learning Activities: Yule SchoolPin