Navigating High School

Go from anxiety about homeschooling the high school years to confidence you can prepare your teen for college, trade school, a career or any other opportunities life throws their way.

When my family decided to homeschool through high school I…

  • wondered how I would know what to teach and how to teach it
  • worried about managing the responsibility of making a transcript and issuing a diploma
  • struggled with doubts about my child’s preparedness for college or work

So how did I end up loving homeschooling my teens every day, graduating my first, and helping her get into a career program she loves (all while she writes novels for fun in her free time)?

The truth is…

There are dozens of ways to research homeschooling high school.

You’ve probably:

Spent hours watching videos on YouTube

Scoured Amazon for the latest books and guides

Or even joined all the homeschool high school Facebook groups (which honestly can be a little intense at times)

But after doing this homeschool high school thing for myself, I don’t recommend doing any of those

In fact, running after gurus and asking for help in Facebook groups doesn’t work because:

You often get a ton of conflicting opinions that only add to your confusion.

Everyone thinks that their way is the only way to do something well.

So, what’s the key to getting over your fears and homeschooling high school with confidence?

I get answers to all my homeschool worries by depending on a small group of supportive mentors who answer my questions, but who also realize that my family is different than theirs and we aren’t going to do everything just like they do it

… and I have gathered a group like that together so you can tap into their collective wisdom too.


So are you ready to…

Conquer your fears about homeschooling high school with practical advice and encouragement

Stop stressing about how to teach the “hard” subjects or how to make a transcript

Finally create a high school plan that is doable for you and honors your unique teen

…all without the overwhelming stress of figuring it out on your own?


Navigating High School

A Guide to Confident Homeschooling

Get confident in your ability to plan for high school, meet your teen’s needs, and launch them successfully into whatever next step awaits them.

Get started today for just $59 for the course or $79 for our VIP level.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

(hint: it’s everything you need to go from uncertainty about the high school years to confidence you can get this done)

Section One:

It’s all about the mindset

We’ll guide you through the five most common fears homeschool parents have about high school and show you exactly the mindset shifts you need to make to get sure about your ability to do this.

You will hear from four unique voices who all homeschool differently but have all graduated students who have pursued college and careers successfully. You’ll find one or two voices you are sure to resonate with and encouragement that you will want to return to again and again.

Section Two:

How do I… Resource library

Our resources library includes over a dozen modules with practical advice on planning your course of study, determining credit hours, and how to prepare your child for the traditional classroom.

We not only guide you through outsourcing classes but also what to do if you can’t afford to outsource. We also connect you to knowledgeable mentors who share their expertise in teaching tough subjects like lab sciences, math, writing, and test prep.

Section Three:

All the extras you need

Need a tool to help you create a professional-looking transcript? We’ve got you covered with our exclusive transcript generator.

No time to sit at your computer? No worries; you can listen to everything on the go with our private podcast feed.

Want some extra hand-holding? Join at our VIP level and come back year after year for a live run of the class with Q&As, a community for your questions, and bonus expert sessions.


The short version is:

After listening to the first mindset audio you’ll already feel like homeschooling high school might just be easier than what you thought.

And by the time you start filling out your high school planning sheet… you’ll actually be looking forward to the time you get to spend connecting, teaching, and learning right alongside your teen.

Start building a high school experience you both will love today.


Here’s what the resources and training inside Navigating High School will help you tackle:


Deciding the most important subjects to teach in high school to cover all your bases and meet your teen’s needs


Keeping records, awarding credits, and ensuring that classes and grades are documented


Knowing what and when to outsource as well as how you can teach some things at home to save money – even if you aren’t an expert


Preparing your child for college expectations and knowing the secrets to getting into the college of their dreams (and paying for it too)


Enjoying the process – really! And loving this blessing of getting to spend these years with your teen.

Not sure? No worries — you’re covered by our 100% no-questions-asked refund policy

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with Navigating High School, simply reach out to within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. 

We know you’ll love the course, and we want you to feel confident in the investment you’re making with us.


If you’ve landed on this page and you are still reading, it’s probably because you just aren’t sure that you can do this homeschool high school thing.

And I want you to know… we created Navigating High School for you.

It’s for the parent who worries that they have to change everything they love about homeschooling in order to do high school successfully. It’s for the parent who worries that their failures will keep their child from succeeding in life. It’s for the parent who wants just a few more years to enjoy their teen.

Combined we’ve spent over sixty-six years of homeschooling, and we’ve graduated nine teens (so far) between us.

And we’ve collaborated for the past six months, developing the resource we wish we had when we first started our high school journeys.

You don’t have to worry if you are getting really helpful advice that will work for you; you can simply choose your path through the mindset and resource library and get confident that you have all the tools you need to homeschool high school successfully.

Meaning: you’re just a few weeks away from having a plan you know you can follow to meet your teen’s needs.

We can’t wait to open up our inbox and see an email from you – celebrating your confidence as you start your first day of high school in a few months. (Seriously, Dawn will be hanging out in Ohio waiting to share your news with all of us.)

Here’s to a homeschool high school you will love.

Pam, Dawn, Laney, and Heather