100 Posts of Encouragement for Homeschool MomsPin

It happens. It happens more than I like for it to. There are days that I doubt my ability to homeschool my kids. I wonder if they are being socialized enough.

I wonder if we are staying home enough and doing enough work. Will I be able to be all they need me to be in order for them to be successful at learning?

100 Posts of Encouragement for Homeschool MomsPin

It happens to all of us. And that’s a good thing.

Because it happens to all of us, we all share the same feelings. Which means that I have hundreds of homeschooling sisters who feel the same way that I do on any given day.

I love to reach out to my local homeschool group when the days get bad. I can reach them via text or Facebook for a quick commiseration or a bit of advice.

When they are not around, though, I can reach out to my comrades online — the other homeschool moms who know the pain I am going through, the feelings in my heart, the ones who have been there before.

That is what I hope this post does for you. On the days that you need some encouragement, some cheerleading, someone who understands, or some practical advice, I hope you can find that here.

When You Have a Bad Day

There are days when nothing goes right. Sometimes it’s their fault. Sometimes it’s yours. Sometimes blame just can’t be placed on anyone and it just is. The big question is, what do you do when it happens? I hope these are helpful.

Am I (Doing) Enough?

Self-doubt plagues the homeschool mom. How can I know enough to teach my children? Am I smart enough? How can I do everything I need to do? The simple truth is, we are committed, determined educators. We will be enough. Read these to encourage you.

Practical Help

Sometimes more than a hug or some cheerleading, what we really need is a bit of practical homeschool advice. Maybe our schedule needs tweaking or we need a few tips — something we can DO to start solving the problems we face. Let these posts get you started with an actionable step or two towards success.





















Comparisons and the Neighbors

Those nosey neighbors (or in-laws) who drive us crazy. The mom at homeschool group who always seems to do everything just right. Pinterest. Oy! We are surrounded by outside forces that make us question ourselves, compare, and come up short.

And yet we don’t need to. Let the wisdom of these moms give you peace.

New Homeschooler or Just in Need of a Do-Over

Are you a new homeschooler or a mom wondering if you should homeschool? Do you want to step out in faith but are too scared to swim against the current? Are you a seasoned homeschooler who needs to be reminded of why you began this journey in the first place? If you are forging a new path or have lost your way and need to be reminded of the journey, start here and be inspired.









































More For You

For everything that didn’t fit anywhere else. For the good advice that refused to be categorized. Anything else you might need to read, I have put here. You never know which nugget might speak to one who needs to hear it most. Read and be blessed.

And there you have it, 100 (or more, because honestly I lost count) posts of encouragement for homeschool moms. Share this with your friends. Send it to the sister in your homeschool group who might need it. Read it again and again as often as you need to and know I will be doing the same. 🙂

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