Start Your Homeschool Day With Delight

Resources and lesson plans that focus your family on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

Start Your Homeschool Day With Delight

Resources and lesson plans that focus your family on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

Learning is not about just checking things off a list

When your schedule is packed, it’s hard to remember why you began homeschooling in the first place. You wanted to spend time shaping the character of your children and building strong relationships. Checking boxes leads to homeschooling that feels like school at home. You wanted more than an adequate education for your kids….

With a Morning Basket you’ll finally get to the subjects you’ve always wanted to do

Learn and Laugh Together

Try our sample Month of Morning Time ready-made plans.
We’ve chosen the artwork, poems, books, music and more. You can open and go because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Choose from the block or loop schedule — pick the one that best meets your needs. Tips, tutorials, and morning time resources delivered right to your inbox will help you make the most of your plans.

You can have joy in your homeschool

Choose your tools

From full sets of themed lessons, to mix-and-match resources, to live events, we have pulled together everything you need to start a Morning Basket.


Get the help you need

We are here every step of the way with answers to your Morning Basket questions, tutorials, and community to help you make this new habit a reality that sticks.

Inspire a love of learning

Watch your kids delight in your new homeschool subjects and beg for more. You might even find yourself learning new things you love.

Have the homeschool you’ve been longing for


Simplify your schedule

Combine students for the most efficient
use of your precious time.

Strengthen your family

Grow closer through shared reading, discussion, and memorization.

Savor the subjects that matter most

Create space for the art, music, poetry, and read alouds you’ve always desired in your homeschool.

Hi, I’m Pam

Before I started homeschooling I had a vision that our days would be full of fascinating read alouds, nature study, hymns and poetry, the arts, and sketching in journals. Then I got bogged down in phonics and math facts and there never seemed to be time for any of the many pieces of my homeschool dreams. When I learned about Morning Time (aka Morning Basket) everything changed. I knew I had to have this in my life. It gave me a place to collect all those small subjects giving them weight in my day, and combining my kids gave me the time to fit more in. Not to mention that we loved learning together instead of juggling time spent between kids or hunched over individual lessons. Fast forward eight years and now I want you to experience the joy and satisfaction a Morning Basket can bring as well.

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Happy Moms

“I am loving, loving, loving your emails!! We have incorporated many of your ideas into our mornings, and it has changed our entire homeschool feel! The kids are so much more relaxed and “together” (and so is Mom!). A hundred thank yous and hugs.”

Jennie Thompson

“I’m a second-generation homeschooler. When I was a kid I learned to eat the frog first, and that’s a fine approach. But Morning Time gives us a great way to start off the day. If we’re running on a tighter schedule, and we skip Morning Time, I’ve noticed that the attitudes are a little more abrasive. Morning Time’s filled with stuff that you may not otherwise fit into the day, and my kids love it.”

Joelle McNulty

“This is our fourth week of using the Fall plans and I cannot adequately convey what a TRUE blessing they have been. They have added joy to the routine! They have added beauty! I am actually getting some music appreciation and picture study in regularly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and organizational gifts with people like me.”
Amy Borland

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