HS 162: Planning by Personality Type with Mystie Winckler


Have you ever wondered how your personality type might impact your approach to homeschool planning?

On today’s episode of the podcast we have a fascinating glimpse at how your Meyers-Briggs functions can have an affect on how you plan, what you plan, and how you work a plan. Homeschool personality guru, homeschool grad, and homeschool mom Mystie Winckler joins me for this very revealing conversation.

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  • Emily Lockard says:

    Wow! We just finished our first year homeschooling and it went *exactly* as Mystie described for Ps (I’m INTP). I researched every possible option, made an excellent plan, and then immediately found it to be unrealistic. I shifted to a flexible week-long looping schedule and it went great, very laid-back. We got in a groove. But when thing went badly, I immediately “catastrophized” and felt defeated and out of ideas. In reality, it was just a bad day. Two-thirds of the way through the year, I went back to research and read new stuff about methods like interest led learning and completely changed everything up. It was fun for one week, but we went back to our old routine and it was much better. In the spring, to start planning, I once again put every option on the table and went through every single company and method all over again before deciding on a boxed curriculum (but i will implement it in a flexible “weekly goals” style). So you got me perfectly!

    • Pam Barnhill says:

      Oh how fun. I love that reading new stuff and giving something else a try can renew us.

  • Erin Gray says:

    I loved this episode! A fellow INTJ here and I kept laughing at how completely spot on your comments were for me.

  • Kortney Garrison says:

    Knocked it out of the park with this episode! Thank you!

  • Kati Von Bank says:

    This was so interesting! I am in my 3rd year of homeschooling as an ISFP, and your example of block/loop scheduling with an assigned schedule is EXACTLY what I have found works well for me too. Specifically, I take a week’s worth of work at a time in a particular subject, and we will finish it within 1-2 blocks. This way we are able to address the 5 daily assignments at once, skim the portions already grasped, focus on the elements needing more effort, and gain a better perspective of the entire week’s focus. I like having that assigned week plan though, because I know at a glance when we are working through a reasonable amount of material. This year I added a short science unit study every 8 weeks or so, which plays really well into your tip for Ps to take a break and do something more experience-based for a week. Those weeks have been like breathing fresh air on a schedule that has been working well, but just growing stale for me personally. We also have a 6 weeks on, 1 week off schedule; which plays well into my planning comfort level where I can focus on the final details of just 6 weeks at a time before regrouping. I had never considered any of these decisions were made as a result of my personality type!

    • Misty O’Donnell O'Donnell says:

      I too am an ISFP! As far as planning goes, I just do what comes next, and I usually plan from behind, and just note everything we did do.

  • Misty O’Donnell O'Donnell says:

    I’m a “P” mom, and Mystie nailed it. Right after my oldest daughter was born I read all the homeschool books and researched it for 5 years! And I thought I was prepared. Haha. Well, let’s just say I have had to change things a few times to keep the “feel” of the home how we need it to be. It’s so true that I do whatever I need to do to keep the excitement going! And I love it.

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