Pam’s Morning Time Binder Video Tour

Binder FAQs

How many tabs do you have in your binder?

I have seven tabs: Daily, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Review, and New. You may have more or less depending on how many days a week you do memory work and how often you want to review. Various review methods are discussed in theYour Morning Basket guide.

What do I put under my daily tab if I am not in a memory work co-op?

You can memorize your own set of facts, poetry, Scripture, speeches — practically anything. The Morning Time Resource Index has a few lists of suggestions under the General Resources section.

How long should a piece of memory work stay under the Daily Tab?

It should stay under the daily tab until all of your children are able to recite the piece back to you with little prompting. You will be surprised at how quickly this will happen with young children; mine always remember things much faster than I do. Once they have it memorized move it to a Day-of-the-Week tab (Monday, Tuesday, etc) for less periodic review.

How long should a piece of memory work stay under a Day-of-the-Week tab?

You can leave a piece of memory work under a Day-of-the-Week tab until the next piece forces it out. Most people will not want to do more than one daily piece, one previous-year review piece, and one current-year review piece on a given day. When you have more current-year review pieces than you have days then move the oldest one to the review section or increase your time doing memory work to accommodate it.

Why do a binder instead of index cards?

Index cards and small children together spell disaster. I prefer to keep my memory work items secured in a binder. It is also easier to print on a full-size page instead of having to copy things on to an index car. Other than those issues, there is nothing wrong with a card box. ?

If you have any questions about the binder feel free to reach out to us on the Your Morning Basket Moms Facebook Group (Big Basket) or via email at [email protected].