Ten Minutes to a Better Homeschool Podcast

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Real Homeschool Moms Plan Their Year

In this episode, I am joined by homeschool mom Courtney Guarnieri to explore the dynamic balance between structured and unstructured activities in homeschooling. This is the first in a series of interviews featuring real homeschool moms discussing their planning...


Empowering Kids with Essential Life Skills

In this episode of the Ten Minutes to a Better Homeschool podcast, host Pam Barnhill talks with Katie Kimball, the National Voice of Healthy Kids Cooking and founder of the Kids Cook Real Food e-course, about the LifeSkills Summer Camp. This free online camp offers...


How to start a homeschool nature group

Nature groups can provide an enriching communal experience for homeschoolers, offering the opportunity to cultivate relationships with like-minded peers. That's why our friend Joy Cherrick is here today to talk about how she started her group and how it helped her...


Managing Multiple Kids with a Time Table

Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom Jeanette Pascua has found success using her strict 10-minute increment schedule to manage the activities of her four children, ages five to 12. She builds in buffers like snack time and restroom breaks and adjusts the schedule if...


Juggling Multiple Kids in Your Homeschool

I have three kids who are very close in age. This means I feel like I hit the homeschool mom jackpot. Don’t get me wrong, our homeschool days are not without challenges, but my kids have been fairly simple to teach as a group. I know there are moms with far more...