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YMB 136 Finding Freedom in Your Homeschool Schedule

In this episode of the Your Morning Basket podcast, host Pam Barnhill discusses the importance of creating a flexible homeschool schedule that aligns with your family's values and goals. Pam shares practical tips and tools for...

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YMB 135 Measuring Success as a Homeschooler

In this episode of the Your Morning Basket podcast, host Pam Barnhill discusses how to assess learning in your homeschool Morning Time. She explains the importance of setting goals, self-assessment, parent observation, and real-world application in evaluating your...

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YMB #133 How to Add Fun to Your Homeschool Day

In this episode of the Your Morning Basket podcast, host Pam Barnhill interviews Mystie Winckler, creator of Simply Convivial and author of The Convivial Homeschool. They discuss the importance of creating a convivial atmosphere in the home while homeschooling...

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YMB #132 Am I A Good Homeschool Mom?

Yep, we're going there. Being a good homeschool mom is an important responsibility that involves creating a consistent, balanced, and flexible educational atmosphere according to the family's values and beliefs. It also entails having the courage and determination...

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YMB #131 Creating Consistency in Your Homeschool

So many of your homeschool problems can be solved just by building the habit of consistency in your homeschool. In fact, I think being consistent is more important than choosing just the right curriculum when it comes to being successful at educating your...

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YMB #130 Feeling Stale? Refresh Your Morning Time

Has your Morning Time started feeling a little stale and uninspiring? Hey, I have totally been there. In this podcast episode we have a number of ideas that you can use to breathe new life into your Morning Time. Have a listen and try one to spice up your Morning...

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YMB #129 5 Tips for Starting Morning Time

If you want to get started doing your own Morning Time your first instinct might be to head to Pinterest. Don't! Instead, follow these five tips that Pam lays out to help you begin a Morning Time habit in your homeschool that both you and the kids will enjoy    ...

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YMB #128: Why Morning Time?

Morning Time is not something that is required by any homeschool method or governing body. Why then do homeschoolers find the practice beneficial to include in a homeschool day?  In this episode, Pam talks about five different reasons why a Morning Time...

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