Living Liturgy

Welcome to Living Liturgy! I hope this place blesses you.  What I hope you find here are the tools you need to create a more robust set of liturgies (or practices) for your family in order to help you grow a deeper faith and bring them closer to Our Lord.

“…we are fundamentally desiring creatures. We are what we love, and our love is shaped, primed, and aimed by liturgical practices that take hold of our gut and aim our heart to certain ends.” Jamie Smith, Desiring the Kingdom

As a convert to the Church, I do not have a family tradition of liturgical practices or familiarity with prayer to draw from. While the Church provides a rich history of example for me, there are times when 2000 plus years of material (and the entire internet of ideas!) overwhelm me. What practices will bring me closest to God? How do I help make the Faith sing to my children? How can I cultivate a rhythm of prayer in our daily lives? Which activities will be most meaningful to us?

A couple of things became very clear — first I need a plan to follow and that plan has to be customized to my family. It simply isn’t enough for me to try to recreate what the blog across the street is doing, because it’s probably going to fall flat in my kitchen. So I created Living Liturgy to provide me with the tools I needed to be successful. And since I was taught I should always share with my friends, I am putting them here for you to use as well.

Announcing Living Liturgy

This posts tells you what Living Liturgy is all about. Start here for the nuts and bolts of the program.

Living Liturgy Area of Focus Planner

The Area of Focus Planner lets you begin planning what specific areas of liturgy that you want to focus on. Is it prayer? Education? The liturgical year? Choose your areas and set some goals using this form.