Welcome to our eighth Pinning it Down Tuesday! Do you find yourself pinning projects to Pinterest, but rarely getting around to doing them? Do you need a bit of encouragement to make some of those projects come to life? Join Sarah and me every Tuesday for the Pinning it Down link-up, where we’re making a Pinterest project happen in our homes every week.

If you haven’t heard the news Sarah’s Posy has arrived. Such a yummy munchkin she is, too. Unfortunately there are no snuggly newborns here. I do have a pretty drawer to show you, though. (Not even one-tenth as interesting, I know.)

Do you have a drawer that looks like this one?

I found this organizing idea a couple of months ago and thought it might help me with my troubles. Unfortunately it was one of those dead links that did not go back to an original source, so I can’t link you up to it. Fortunately it was pretty clear-cut to implement. This weekend I pulled everything out, threw a great bit away, moved some things to other locations and implemented my plan. Viola! The result.

Matt appreciated the clean look but wonders if we will continue to stuff the wires back into the tube. We shall see. I do love the improved look, though. Makes me happy.

Are you ready to play along? Here’s how our link-up works:

1. Choose a project from one of your Pinterest pinboards and make it happen. Blog a little about it. Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate- we just want to see what you’ve been up to!

2. Make sure you link back here somewhere in your post so others can find us and play along. Feel free to grab our Pinning it Down graphic if you’d like to add it to your post. Also, don’t forget proper pinning etiquette and try to include a link back the original idea whenever possible. We want to be sure that cool idea credit is given to the proper person.

3. Link up below. Make sure you’re sending us to your actual post, and not to your general blog address. You can add your link all the way through Friday, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to work on any of your pins yet this week, you’re not too late.