Early Modern History Term 1 Morning Time Plans


Fourteen weeks of pre-made Morning Time plans based on a historical study of the Early Modern Era with a North American focus. This set of plans covers from the 1400s-1700s. Bring beauty (and fun!) to your homeschool with poetry, fine arts, nature study, good books, and so much more — all prepared for you with your choice of a grid or loop schedule to follow.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

We took all the hard work out of planning Morning Time!

The plans include fourteen weeks of Morning Time activities based on the Early Modern era. These are perfect for families who are studying the Early Modern Era in a four-year history cycle. (Note: These plans do have a North American focus and term one spans the time period from about 1400s to 1700s right before the Revolutionary War.)

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

Designed for grades 1-6 the plans can easily be adapted to include preschool to adult age groups. We believe this can be a complete education for younger elementary students (through grade 3) — just add phonics, math, and handwriting.

Topics and subjects included in these plans are:

  • Prayer – Prayer from the Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers
  • Memorization – “Sonnet 18” from Shakespeare, excerpt from the Declaration of Independence
  • Geography – North America
  • Music appreciation – Custom-written lesson plans authored by Genie Shaw of Barefoot Abbey based on the music of the Early Modern Era. These are truly unique and not available anywhere else.
  • Math – Bedtime Math and other appropriate history-themed math activities
  • Picture study – Selections from the era
  • Art – Themed artwork from free online tutorials
  • Nature Study – Insects, autumn leaves, pumpkins, moss
  • Reading Suggestions – Fabulous selections to accompany the subject areas
  • Read Alouds – Four great chapter books scheduled for you to choose between

The lesson plans are designed for ease-of-use for new Morning Time Moms and veterans alike. They feature:

  • Intro material with tips and instructions for doing all the subjects
  • A blank weekly grid for you to schedule each subject daily or add resources to the plan
  • OR a loop schedule laying out all the subjects and activities to be done — just do the next thing(s) each day
  • Printable booklist to take to the library
  • Copies of poems, prayers, and memorization to print for your family
  • An easy-to-use web page with links to all the videos and tutorials in the plans, as well as links to the books and art supplies for your convenience

* Note: In order to complete some of the subjects as written you will need to purchase the following:

If you do not wish to purchase any of the above resources those subjects can be omitted from the study or you can adapt the lesson plans.

Click to download a sample of the plans here.

The sample contains a smattering of pages from the intro, an example of a printable booklist page, printable poem page, weekly grid, and loop schedule page.

What are you waiting for? Have the Morning Time you always wanted, without the stress, prep, and planning!