HS 184: The Important Skills Learned from Cooking with Kids with Tiffany Dahle



I don’t know about your kids, but mine love to bake. There is something about getting in the kitchen and making a mess while making something yummy that appeals.

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Dahle who has a brand new baking book out for kids. My favorite thing about it (other than the gorgeous photos)? It makes things easy. It is written in clear, kid-friendly language. I could totally hand this over to my kids and they will actually learn to bake all the things.

On this episode of the podcast Tiffany and I chat about the book, but also many of the benefits of baking with kids. You also get to hear Tiffany’s story of how she came unexpectedly to homeschooling and what it is meaning to her family.

Also, if you pre-order Tiffany’s book before November 12, you can get her companion baking lesson plans to go along with the book. Find the details of that here.


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