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I wrote earlier that Pam’s The Homeschool Organization Challenge book makes my inner organizer happy.

I’m a big organization geek and usually love to read anything about putting life into more of an order, but this handy guide from Pam is even fabulous for those readers whose ranking of organizing joy is pretty much right up there with a root canal on their list of things to do.

She starts with such little steps – it’s all just so totally doable – and in 28 days or less, you’ll have a tidy, functional homeschooling space (whatever that looks like for you) that will breathe life into the beginning of your school year.

And trust me, we all need a breath of fresh air with our school stuff right around this time of year!

Pam includes daily tasks that are all things that can be completed in an hour or less (most likely less) and range from sorting crayons, pencils, paper and other supplies to re-imagining and re-thinking the way you organize your homeschool files and student papers.

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For big tasks (like sorting books!), you’re allotted more than one day to tackle it, which takes something that could be completely overwhelming (we have just a few books) and makes it more of a manageable chore.

It was also fun to come across the game and puzzle storage ideas shared through Pam’s links on Day 22 and discover that someone else out there treated these items in a similar way to me. I wrote this post years ago talking about my out-of-the-box (literally!) storage ideas for games and puzzles but seeing someone else who shared these thoughts was like meeting a friend somewhere out there in the world that I didn’t know I had.

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In addition to walking you through the daily tips, Pam also shares her top organizational tools, overall inspiration links, and provides links throughout (for every day!) for further ideas and inspiration so that you’re never at a loss for help.

Grab this handy book for yourself and see how in 28 days, Pam breaks down daunting homeschool organizational tasks into bite-sized chunks that will not only turn your space into a more aesthetically-pleasing area but will help you evaluate and problem-solve some of your toughest mid-year challenges in your homeschooling year.

Although our collection of learning materials is already pretty minimalistic and organized, it’s always good to weed through and re-evaluate it all occasionally. So, Gv and I are planning to take this Homeschool Space Challenge together in the summer.

Do you get the organizing bug when summer rolls around, too? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.