HSP 056 Caitlin Curley: Introducing Gameschooling


So many homeschoolers start down this alternate education path to break free from the traditional schooling mode, then find themselves recreating school-at-home and getting frustrated with themselves and their kids.

Cait Curley has the answer for you, and she and Colleen talk all about gameschooling for fun AND learning this week. You don’t want to miss this episode!

HSP 056 Caitlin Curley: Introducing Gameschooling

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  • Shehla says:

    Such a refreshing talk today – thank you! I’m truly looking forward to adding more FUN to our weeks.

    Also, I need to investigate Brave Writer. Sounds like everything amazing in one program. Love the idea of nurturing our little writers without overloading them with the physical writing.

  • Christina says:

    We have Behind the Attic Wall on our bookshelf. It was a favorite of mine from childhood, and it was a hoot to hear Cait mention it!!

  • Emily says:

    What are your favorite science games?

  • Emily says:

    Favorite science game?

  • >