HSP 058 Amy Milcic: Being a Homeschool Travel Sports Mom


Are you an on-the-go homeschooling mom? Rarely ever home between your kids’ sporting commitments? You’re not alone.

Today, Colleen talks to Amy Milcic, sports mom supreme, who gives tips and tricks for managing it all while injecting loads of fun and family-building into your homeschool life. Make sure you listen to this one, folks. There are a few fun announcements coming your way!

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  • Sara says:

    I greatly enjoyed this podcast. I’m looking forward to listening to Amy host the podcast. She seems to be realistic, down to earth, and had several great suggestions that were instantly applicable. Thanks for sharing her interview with your listeners!

  • Shehla says:

    Ladies, I’m bringing you in for a group hug right now. You’ve both shined a light on a wonderful, but perhaps less common, family lifestyle. Thank you from my swelled heart for understanding and embracing our family love of competitive club soccer and homeschooling. There is so much that we’ve grown to love about this combination, including the downtime it allows for our kids. We see many children feel burnout from being rushed from school to tutoring to soccer and then off to bed with zero play time. We appreciate and are so thankful for the cushion to sleep and dig up worms in the backyard. Thank you for this amazing podcast. You reached out and rubbed my shoulders and said, “Hey, we get it”!

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