Monday Musings

Cold days this week. Loving my fireplace. Ready for spring.

Around the House
I got about ten bags of clothes sorted, three big bins of craft supplies sorted AND got all of the upstairs table cleaned off. Yay. Next step is to do some small decluttering (kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinets) and sell curriuculum.
From the Kitchen
Anything but wheat. I gave that one up for Lent. Of course I am still making it for the kids, but not for me. Makes Fridays interesting, but other days are pretty doable. Lunch today was cheeseburgers on lettuce leaves.

A great day today. Getting up and getting started makes all the difference. I was praising the kids for their cooperation and asked what they thought made today good. Olivia said it was because we did geography. Well then, more geography! We are also starting our day with Morning Time and really focusing on the things that are important.

On the Blog
Anything would be nice, wouldn’t it? Watch later this month for a Booking Across the USA post. It’s going to be a fun project.

I thought about exercising this morning. Does that count?

Plans and Schemes
Going to be a fun week. Not much out of the ordinary — playdate with new friends. We’re also having an It’s About Time party on Friday. A bunch of us are getting together to play games and learn to tell time.

Reading and Crafting
No crafting lately. Am working on Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child for our Classical Moms book club. I’m only on the first chapter, but so far it is fantastic!

Saying Yes
Lenten Sunday milkshakes yesterday.

A Memory
This is what happens when you insist that your Valentine’s Day cake pop is really a lollipop.



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    Love that photo. I want a kiss! And go you on the sorting/de-cluttering!

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