Monday Musings

Wow, we have had our coldest weather all winter this week. Kind of nice, but I am really ready for spring.

Around the House
Cleaning ladies came today. Man, can’t beat that with a stick. Regardless I still have things that need to be done and little time to do them. I think April is going to have to be my big project month. 
From the Kitchen
Not much. We have birthdays this month — lots and lots of birthdays. Matt’s is the 12th, John the 13th and mine is the 18th. I do believe some treats are in order. Other than that, the end-of-winter menus have me uninspired.

Morning Time continues to be the highlight of our day. We have been struggling a bit with spelling, so I am reconfiguring that a bit. Mostly I am elbow deep in planning next year. Math on the Level has really been working for us as well. We have good days and bad days in math, but the learning is consistent, no matter how grumpy we can be about it. We have been working on adding with regrouping and telling time.

On the Blog
I have ideas, but little time. Drafts on vintage readers, hosting a telling time party, and our version of morning time are in the works.

Maybe I should just take this category off???

Plans and Schemes
Oh geesh. This week has no end. Doctor’s appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, the orthodontist on Wednesday, must get the van serviced. We are participating in the MS Walk on Saturday with the Frontier Girls. (Anyone want to donate $3 for a chance to win a Nook Tablet?) Add to that our regular round of gymnastics, CC, and a playdate and we are full up. Then next week we have a birthday party and the homeschool convention!

Reading and Crafting
Been working on a baby girl blanket (which I started for Olivia before she was born!!), but I am beginning to wonder if I will ever have anyone to give it to (provided I finish it, of course). Am working on Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child for our Classical Moms book club. I’m only on the first  sixth or seventh chapter, and it is still fantastic!

Saying Yes
Too much Wii!

A Memory
A little Cheerio math.



  • LOL on your fitness comment! I was just thinking today that I can’t remember the last time I logged onto Fitness Pal.

  • Sarah says:

    We have too much wii going on around here too! I can’t wait to hear all about the convention.

    Fitness? What do you mean by fitness? Lol.

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