Monday Musings

Hey! Got more energy this Monday! Nothing to get crazy about, but it’s here. Ask me again in an hour when I get the kids home from gymnastics and get them ready for bed. My story may change.

Around the House
Clothes swap done. Now I have a short list of items to pick up for each kid. Working on a baby photo album for T. (Yes, finally!)

From the Kitchen
Made potato soup tonight and chili on Saturday night. Yum. I think pumpkin muffins are in order this week too. Between coffee and hot water needs the Keurig is pumping often during the day. I love that thing. It is perfect for coffee, but also hot chocolate (We don’t use the k-cups for this, but the hot water with mix in the cup.), hot tea (ditto), instant oatmeal and instant grits.

I am feeling behind a bit in our geography studies. Mostly I think because we have library books on some countries due next week, and we haven’t even started them. We may hit it hard one or two days this week and power through. The kids won’t mind. They like the geography much more than the math and handwriting. And call me crazy, but I am already starting to plan next year. I have an early deadline to finish it up this spring; that is the reason I am starting so soon.

On the Blog
Basically what I said last week. Things are coming…

OK, November is my month. I am going to average a mile a day — so 30 miles for the month. If I miss a day I can make it up, but I won’t be able to make up too many so I am going to have to be somewhat consistent. I am also going to go back to Cycle 1 of the diet for a week or two about mid-month to see if I can’t make my pants fit better.  Oh and the Fitbit. Got to get in the habit of wearing that again.Ask me how I’m doing, please.

Plans and Schemes
Busy week. Halloween, a couple of play dates, an All Souls graveyard beautification visit and so much more.

Reading and Crafting
I am trying to spend some time listening to audio in the evening while I crochet. Right now I am working through the audio on this page at Memoria Press. Good stuff there. The classical/CM mom book club is reading When Children Love to Learn: A Practical Application of Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy for Today. As for fiction, I’ve got nothing. Anyone have a good suggestion?

Saying Yes
Milkshakes tonight — even though it will be the coldest night of the year. A repeat of the “quiet game” ad nauseum as Mom made funny faces to make everyone laugh so I could win again and again.

A Memory
I’ve been married to this man for 18 years today. I can’t wait to spend the next 18 with him. Love you, sweetie!



  • Happy anniversary! Also, using the Keurig for instant oatmeal…genius! Thx for the tip. 🙂

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