Weekly Learning Note March 31, 2012

Where did March go? We’ve have been on a three week spring break here — really low tide, but still lots of learning going on. I am anxious to get started with some things again that we have let go. I am hoping to get some things planned out tomorrow. Here is what we did this past week — some by day and some at random.

Monday – Both kids went to day camp at a local park/museum. It was set up for spring break. John’s was about shapes and Olivia’s was about pioneer history. John didn’t have much to say about his other than he had a good time. Olivia told me all about toys and school from the “old days.”

Tuesday – Library day and gymnastics. Kids picked out lots of Berenstain Bears books.

Wednesday – Went to a local play-place for a friend’s birthday. So much fun!

Thursday – The park in the morning and then pottery class for Olivia.

Friday – Spanish class at the church (another mom and I are tag-team teaching) and the park again.

Saturday – Went to Michaels to make a butterfly craft.

A family portrait by Olivia. The Dot-to-Dot paints have been popular this week.

Yes, lots of park. The weather is beautiful here and soon it will be too hot to do anything more than swim in the mornings or evenings. We have to get in our park play while we can.

In between all of this we:

  • did a few science experiments on solids, liquids, and gasses
  • watched Brain Pop Jr’s “Changing States of Matter”
  • did a few phonemic awareness activities from Logic of English — all oral, gluing and ungluing sounds to make words.
  • watched a few other BPJ videos of their choice
  • read tons of Berenstain Bears
  • watched Weston Woods version of Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type
  • watched The Magic School Bus about microbes
  • had a brief lesson on digital time telling
  • played Math Dice Jr.
  • played the Playful Math K-2 app
  • did an art lesson
  • Olivia watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • listened to Judy Moody Saves the World
  • began listening to a Hank the Cowdog book (not sure which one and it’s in the van)

I am always amazed at how much we do when we are not “doing” anything. 

Olivia has recently expressed an interest in decorating her own T-shirt, so we got supplies to do that today. She has also been talking about writing another story; I need to be sure to help her with that soon.

John, on the other hand, has been expressing an interest in going to school. Mostly because he wants to ride the bus and play on the playground. It really isn’t a viable option, so I am trying to play up his benefits in staying home. He has told me a few times that school is “boring” so I am not sure what he thinks would be better if he went in the fall. I keep reiterating that he doesn’t have to participate with us, but he often chooses to anyway. I think I need to make a special effort to fit in more science-type activities for him, because I think his passions lie there. I have been focused on Olivia for so long and John was just “tagging along.” I need to start considering his needs more as I plan our days.



  • Erin says:

    A friend has us in stitches one Mum’s night regaling us with how she handled the wanting to go to school and ride the bus. So perhaps John might like to ‘practice’;)

    First she told her dd before she went to school she needed to practice. In the morning she ran out the door, with a cut lunch, calling out ‘bye mum’. She then ran around the house and had to ‘wait for the ‘bus’ and then ‘sit’ on the ‘bus’ as long as the trip would take (45min). She had to call her mum, Mrs_ for the tea, raise her hand for toilet breaks.
    Friend supplied her with lots of workbooks for the day, when friend did a fun project with sibs she couldn’t join in as she had her workbooks, then she had to eat her bagged lunch, sibs had something nicer;)
    she had to work in the afternoon when sibs went out to play, in the afternoon she had to do the whole bus thing over again. Then homework.

    Needless to say dd lost interest in the whole school thing. lol.

  • Pam says:

    Erin – That is funny. I don’t think he would last very long. This morning they were talking about wanting to play with a school friend this week. I told them they could not because she would be in school. “But she’s on Spring Break!” they said. “Nope, she’s back in school. That only lasts one week.” Olivia piped up, “I wish everyone was homeschooled!” John was nodding along. I think it’s a passing fancy.

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