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She’s back! One of my favorite guests ever is back again on the Your Morning Basket podcast. Last fall when we had Angelina Stanford on the show to talk to us about why fairy tales are important reading for your kids, you let us know how much you loved the episode and Angelina’s enthusiasm for the topic.

Today she is no less enthusiastic as we dive into what exactly myth is (surprised me), Justin Martyr and his “seeds of truth,” why medieval Christians fought Viking invaders to preserve myths, and what we as modern Christians can learn from these stories.

It is a fabulous episode of the podcast. We hope you enjoy.

Key Ideas about Myths in Morning Time

  • Myths are a genre of literature that seeks to answer questions about the world and the origins of man. The stories fit together to tell one cohesive story of the universe they are describing. As a result, they have a religious significance to the people who write them.
  • Stories found in myths are often very similar to stories found in Scripture, particularly the Gospel. For this reason, early Christians have always seen myths as part of the Christian literary heritage.
  • When deciding which myths to expose our children to and when we should use discretion but we should not fear using them. For very young children you can use children’s versions to introduce them to the basic storylines focusing on the seeds of truth found in these stories.

Find what you want to hear:

  • [3:10] Meet Angelina Stanford
  • [4:45] defining myths
  • [7:45] difference between myths and fairy tales
  • [11:14] myths as seeds of the Gospel
  • [21:35] Dante’s Divine Comedy demonstrating the relationship between pagans and Christians in medieval literature
  • [28:00] the purpose of the Greek Myths at the time they were written
  • [30:15] the original audience and themes for the Greek Myths
  • [35:20] thematic change in literature after the Incarnation
  • [41:02] Orpheus and Eurydice example of a pre-Christian myth
  • [45:50] Plato’s warning against myths
  • [48:50] dealing with difficult themes in the myths

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