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Better Together:

Simplify Your Homeschool, Strengthen Your Family, And Savor the Subjects that Matter Most

Are your homeschool days joyless?

Have you fallen into a routine of checking off boxes and trying to do too much?

Do you wonder what happened to your homeschool dreams and why you don’t have time to focus on the subjects that are important to building your children’s character and love of learning?

All of that is about to change.

Better Together teaches you why and how to design a part of your homeschool day where the entire family from toddler to teen can learn together.

This time, known as “Morning Time,” has exploded in popularity since its inclusion in Sarah Mackenzie’s homeschool bestseller Teaching From Rest.

Now homeschool mom and former teacher Pam Barnhill breaks down the big ideas and practices of Morning Time for every homeschooler.

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