All About Reading Gets a Fun Update

All About Reading Gets a Fun Update I am going to start this post by saying that there was nothing wrong with All About Reading to begin with. It has been our favorite reading program for years with all three of my children having worked in various levels of the program. The black and white materials...

Pint-Sized Chefs

Pint-Sized Chefs Remember a few months ago when I encouraged you to get your kids helping out with chores early on? One of the ideas was to let them help out in the kitchen, which not encourages them to help you, but can also empower them to create culinary masterpieces on their own!...

Homeschooling with anxiety

Homeschooling with anxiety I was in the grocery store recently. It was the second time in two weeks, because winter weather is angry, and we needed to stock up. It was around Aisle 9 that I realized I was in trouble. I really wanted to run out of the store, but I already had a full cart, and I...
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