YMB 127 – Christmas Traditions: Conversation with Rooted in Rest

We are getting close to the holiday season and that means homeschoolers everywhere are getting ready to lean into the Christmas season and enjoy doing Christmas activities -- sometimes in lieu of any other learning activities. On this episode of the podcast I am joined by Abby Stone, mom of five, to chat about how her family slows down to make time for Christmas traditions each year -- often learning a ton of academics along the way. Let's show you how.Links and resources from today's show: Advent Morning Time Plans Month of Morning Time Seasonal Morning Time Plans Geography Morning Time...

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How To Choose The Best Homeschool Curriculum For Your Family

finish homeschool curriculum

Cathy Duffy is a well known curriculum expert who homeschooled her own three sons through high school. She has researched and written about curricula for home education since the 1980s, Since Cathy is an absolute legend in the homeschooling community, I asked for her thoughts on selecting the very best curriculum for your family. What Role Does Your Method Of Homeschooling Play In Choosing Curriculum Resources? Whether I'm eclectic, exclusively unit studies, or anything in between, it's really an important factor in choosing the right homeschool curriculum. Sometimes, it sounds like a...

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Holiday Homeschooling: Slowing Down For The Season

holiday homeschooling

The holidays are a great time for slowing things down a bit in your homeschool and enjoying the season. These tips and tricks will help you get rid of the overwhelm and really enjoy the holidays with your family. In order to gather the best ideas for holiday homeschooling, I asked Allie, a friend and team member at Your Morning Basket Plus, to join me. These are our best tips for the season. The Holiday Overwhelm I usually get overwhelmed about the holidays. We have a lot of birthdays in our family in November and December, but honestly, I think this is something that homeschool moms...

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YMB #126: Delighting in the Beauty of Words: A Conversation with Megan Andrews

Snap, crackle, pop! or "my love is like a red, red rose" -- both are examples of fun word play that we can find in writing all around us. These words are what makes writing exciting. Today I am joined by special guest Megan Andrews who is a lover of words of all kind. We talk about how to introduce your kids to the beauty of words and encourage them to enjoy the language but also make the leap to using it in their own writing.Links and resources from today's show: Advent Morning Time Plans Month of Morning Time Seasonal Morning Time Plans Geography Morning Time Plans Literature Inspired...

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Do Grade Levels Matter in Your Homeschool?

learning issues in your homeschool

“I really want to sing in the choir with all of you.” The young girl at church was earnest and excited as she chatted with me. “That would be great! What grade are you in?” I asked. Youth choir started in ninth grade at our church. There was no upper limit in age (as evidenced by my participation.) She hesitated for just a moment too long. “Sixth grade,” she said somewhat hesitantly. “Hey, are you homeschooled?”  Of course she is. That extra bit of hesitation is a dead giveaway for the homeschooled student. My kids and many others I have seen take just a few seconds extra to answer that...

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Easy Enrichment Activities For Your Homeschool

homeschool enrichment

Imagine a homeschool day where your kids are eager to get started. They are asking you what they will be doing for school that day, and as you are going throughout your day, they are actually looking forward to the next thing… the next activity… and the next day.  Your days are always different, yet they’re structured, and it isn't stressful or hard for you. This can be possible when you include enrichment subjects in your homeschool.  What is Enrichment? Enrichment includes subjects like Music, Art, Physical Education, & STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).  Enrichment...

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YMB #125 Mothering By the Book: A Conversation with Jennifer Pepito

As moms we deal with so many struggles and fears. Are we doing enough? Will our kids turn out ok? These fears threaten to overwhelm us and we wonder what can we do about it. My guest Jen Pepito knows those same fears all too well and has found solace and help in an unlikely place -- the books she reads aloud to her kids. Jen proposes that there are lessons for moms in the books we are reading to our family and she helps connect us to those lessons and how we can use them to overcome our fears in her new book, Mothering by the Book. She joins me today to talk about this unique approach and...

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Homeschool Moms: All You See Are Edited Lives On Social Media

There is a very good chance that if you are viewing a photo taken in my house that looks clean and pristine, there are a couple of piles of paper or books right outside the frame. This is certainly true if it is taken in my office. Or the schoolroom. Or the little table in the sunroom where I drink my coffee and read each morning. While not tottering or egregiously messy, these little stacks seem to follow me about the house, popping up and growing quickly like mushrooms. When I need to take a photo, I just rearrange the piles, pushing them out of my way until the surface is clear and the...

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Getting Meals on the Table While Homeschooling

There are two things that you come to realize that may be hard truths as a homeschool mom. Number one, your house is going to wear out faster than everybody else's because you are there and using it all day. Number two, everybody wants to eat all the time and it's your job to feed them. How do we get the meals on the table when we're homeschooling all day? I want to give you a few quick tips on getting meals on the table and I've got three for you. Tips for Getting Meals on the Table While Homeschooling The first one is to have a plan. I know that the tendency is to feel, "I had the...

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YMB #124 How Morning Time Works with Any Philosophy: A Conversation with Amy Milcic and Jessica Waldock

It's true! It doesn't matter what "flavor" of homeschooler you are or what method you subscribe to -- Morning Time can totally work with every single kind of homeschool philosophy. I am joined today by Amy Milcic (eclectic, traditional) and Jessica Waldock (relaxed and interest based) as we chat about how we have made Morning Time work for us (I am representing the CM, classical side of things from a non-purist standpoint.) Have a listen and tell us what you think!Links and resources from today's show: Month of Morning Time Seasonal Morning Time Plans Geography Morning Time Plans...

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