September Themes And Resources Your Kids Will Love

Here is our list of September themes and plans. The idea is not to do all of these things, but to give me a menu to pick and choose from. Many books and foods will be made/read/eaten during our afternoon “tea” times. You can read more about our tea times here. Nature Study In September: Lingering Summer September brings the last glorious days of summer and warmth. Enjoy the outdoors this month as the season fades. apples honey ~ It's National Honey Month! the autumn equinox (22) Full Corn Moon (4) peanut harvest Mums begin to bloom Food And Family Life In September I love Fall cooking...

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The Best Way To Simplify Your Homeschool Schedule

homeschool schedule

What's the best way to simply your homeschool schedule? These tried and true strategies will help you decrease overwhelm and create the homeschool schedule your family needs to thrive. Don't Let Your Homeschool Schedule Overwhelm You  As much as we would love to have a schedule for every single subject at exactly the same time everyday, it really isn't practical. Life with kids brings so many things that require our schedule to be more fluid. The problem is, when our schedule needs to flex, it can be overwhelming. Many times, people think that you basically have two options when it comes...

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YMB 120 Morning Time Plans: Delight for Your Day

3 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum

Today we are giving you a peek behind the scenes at what is included in our ready-made Morning Time plans at Your Morning Basket. I am joined by our member success manager and mom of eight Laney Homan as we dissect what's in the plans, who are they for, and how to get the most out of using them in your homeschool.Links and resources from today's show: Month of Morning Time Seasonal Morning Time Plans Geography Morning Time Plans Literature Inspired Morning Time Plans History Morning Time Plans Preschool Morning Time Plans Catholic Morning Time Plans Sibling Relationship Lab Barefoot Abbey...

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The Secret Sauce To Beating Homeschool Burnout

homeschool burnout

For most of us, there comes a time in our homeschooling when we feel like we just can't do it anymore. Today we are talking about beating homeschool burnout. What do we mean when we say homeschool burnout? What do you think of? I think of a mama who's just overwhelmed. She's tired, she feels at her wits end, and like she doesn't know what else to do. For me, burnout manifests as feeling like I just don't want to do it another day. Homeschooling Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint Knowing yourself, and accepting that there will be ups and downs in this homeschooling journey is part of beating...

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How To Create A More Efficient Homeschool

books for homeschool moms

Most of us, whether we admit it or not, could benefit from  a more efficient homeschool.  After all, there's only one of and we are often outnumbered by our kids. How to accomplish more when we feel pulled in so many different directions? Lately, I have been making some changes to my home, my work, and yes, my homeschool. I am finding I need additional time to spend with my kids. I have needed to prioritize and become more efficient in order to make this happen. Maybe you can relate? The Value Of An Efficient Homeschool Why do we need an efficient homeschool and, maybe more importantly,...

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YMB #119 Something for Everyone: A Conversation with Colleen Rein

I am joined today by Colleen Rein who is a member of our Your Morning Basket Plus membership and a mom who has been doing Morning Time for a number of years in her homeschool. What I love most about Colleen is all the practical insights she has into making homeschooling work for her family. Today she shares insights and tons of good ideas on how Morning Time can support a diverse group of learners.Links and resources from today's show: Save the Frogs Challenge RC History Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace Home Education Christmas Around the World Explorations The...

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Teaching Your Child To Read? 3 Key Ingredients You Need To Succeed

teach your child to read

If you are considering or in the process of teaching your child to read, these three key ingredients are must haves for success. Can You Teach Your Own Child To Read? Before I share my three tips with you, I want to address this head on. Many parents wonder, as they consider homeschooling, if they're equipped to teach their child to read. Isn't that some special kind of magic that only very qualified people can accomplish? That was my concern many years ago, when I first started on this homeschool journey, and I am here to tell you that you absolutely can teach your child to read. I did...

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Homeschooling Your Preschooler: Social-Emotional Learning Guide

Preschool Social Emotional Skills Safe Risks Climbing

Even though social skills continue to grow and evolve throughout life, the preschool years are a critical time for their formation. Kids who are emotionally healthy are more able to establish and maintain positive relationships with adults and peers and even demonstrate improved academic performance! Obviously, developing these skills makes it much easier to navigate the waters of Kindergarten, but even homeschoolers can benefit from learning social-emotional tools and strategies since strengthening them helps all of life’s relationships and encourages positive attitudes and goals. There...

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Working at Home and Homeschooling: 5 Systems You Need To Survive (and thrive!)

working from home and homeschooling

Many families are surprised to learn that you can both work from home and homeschool. The reality is, many of us do it. You just have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make it work. I work from home and homeschool, but because I have my own business, I have control and flexibility over my schedule. I can choose when I work and when I don't work. The reality is though, there are a lot of moms out there, especially since the pandemic, who work for an outside employer from home. They simply don't have that luxury. You're employed by someone else and you're in your home all day. This...

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August Themes and Resources Your Kids Will Love

Our family starts back-to-homeschooling in August each year but we still make time for some of the fun activities that add a little interest to our learning. Read on for nature study, liturgical living, food, books, and learning ideas will inspire you for a month of family learning fun. Nature Study In August August brings rain and thunderstorms almost every day where we live. Did you know that Alabama gets more rainfall per year than the states in the Pacific Northwest? We just get it all in downpours instead of constant drizzles. World Lizard Day (13) -...

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