Homeschooling Again This Year? Help For The Mom Continuing Another Year Post COVID

mom homeschooling kids

I get it. Today I'm talking to you -- the Mom who did not even want to be listening to a homeschooling podcast this year, because you were going to send your kids back to school. And then the mandates happened. Masks, and weekly tests, and frequent quarantines started happening where you felt like you couldn't send your kids back to school. And once again, you find yourself doing some homeschooling. Unexpectedly Homeschooling Again For The Coming Year Maybe homeschooling was not really your favorite thing. You especially didn't like virtual schooling and you were really looking forward to...

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Why You Need A Realistic Vision For Your Homeschool

boy and mom homeschooling

We were pretty sure we were going to homeschool from the time my daughter was about a year old.  So I had all of this time to think about what homeschooling was going to be like in our homes and to research it.  With all that time, I built up this vision in my head of this idyllic version of homeschooling, where we would cuddle on the couch in front of the fireplace and sip hot chocolate and read all of these great books and everybody would love learning. This was my vision. This was my plan.  And then I actually started homeschooling. The Different Ways We Imagine Homeschooling I had...

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YMB #100: Favorites from the First 100

 This is it! We are proud to present our 100th episode of Your Morning Basket. Who would have thought that we could do 100 episodes about Morning Time and not run out of ideas? (Hint: At times it was NOT me.) But we have and I am proud of all of them. In this 100th episode I am joined by YMB community manager (and all-around podcast super-fan)  Dawn Garrett for a jaunt down memory lane as we highlight our favorite episodes and guests from the first 99. Our hopes are these snippets bring back some memories of episodes you might want to revisit or encourage you to check out some you might...

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A Better Homeschool in Just Ten Minutes A Week

happy podcast host

Testing. Is this thing on? I am dusting off my old podcast and giving it a fresh new name and new format. The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast is now Ten Minutes to a Better Homeschool! Through the years I have been a host or co-host of four different homeschool podcasts so, eh, what’s one more. Let’s make it an even five. Some of those podcasts I am still on, but what I decided was missing was a quick, actionable show that got right down to the nitty gritty. So 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool was born. What Is The Ten Minutes To A Better Homeschool Podcast? The show will be coming to you...

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YMB #99: Grammar in Morning Time: A Conversation with Andrew Pudewa

It is always a fun honor to chat with Andrew Pudewa and this conversation was no different. First, this guest comes prepared. In the podcast Andrew dives into three different modes of teaching grammar -- and what we think of as traditional grammar instruction is only a part of one of those modes. We also chat about why grammar (and words and thinking) are so important -- especially in the times in which we live today. There is so much good information in this one, it is going to blow you away. Enjoy!Links and resources from today's show: Institute for Excellence in Writing Meet Andrew...

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YMB #98 Finding the Fun in Art History: A Conversation with Lotus Stuart

Lotus Stuart has always done art with her kids ever since they were little. When she started homeschooling them she began using a curriculum, but what she soon discovered was with using a curriculum they were doing less art and it was certainly less FUN. In that moment the idea for Art History Kids movement was born. Join Lotus and me as we chat about how to approach art history in a fun, low-pressure way that your kids are going to love. We talk about why it is important to explore artists (and not just the old ones) and how open-ended art projects can inspire interest and creativity in...

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YMB #97: Choosing the Best for your Morning Time: A Conversation with Cindy Rollins

Today I am joined by my Morning Time mentor Cindy Rollins. We meant to talk about trying to whittle down all the good subjects to choose only the best for your Morning Time but I am not sure we quite succeeded. 😉 We might have created more of an argument on why you should make your Morning Time longer. It's a great conversation and we do end up talking about what Cindy feels like we should prioritize in our Morning Times based on her years of experience doing Morning Time and mentoring moms. We can't wait to have you join the conversation.Links and resources from today's show: Your...

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YMB #96: Getting Started with Morning Time

We are kicking off a new season of the Your Morning Basket podcast with a bit of a practical episode for you. Despite all of our years talking about and writing about Morning Baskets we still get the question -- how do I get started doing a Morning Time. That is what we are hoping to answer here. I am joined by the Your Morning Basket Plus Community Manager (and Morning Time pro) Dawn Garrett as we chat about how to get started if you have young kids who are just beginning school or if you are coming to homeschooling later with older kids. We break down the practical steps you need to...

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YMB #95: What kind of homeschool mom are you? A Conversation with Jamie Martin

I am joined on this episode of the podcast by homeschool mom and fellow introvert Jamie C. Martin. We are chatting all about how to do group learning in your home when mom just needs a little less noise and maybe a few more breaks. Though aimed at introverts, there are tons of tips here for extroverts too! We also spill the details about our brand new Homeschooling with Purpose course that is releasing this summer. Don't miss it!Links and resources from today's show: Join the Your Morning Basket Community Simple Homeschool Introverted Moms Website Raising Lifelong Learners Homeschooling...

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Homeschool Morning Basket: For The Mom Who Isn’t A Morning Person

I love morning baskets, and they have been a huge blessing to our homeschool. But when I first heard of them the word morning had me stumped. You see, I am not a morning person. I know some people say they aren’t morning people but can still get up and function in the morning. But, that is not me. I am one of those night owls that is completely and utterly useless before noon. Seriously!  It is a huge joke among my family and friends when they are planning something. They all ask if they want me to be in attendance and then giggle and say, “Well, we better not plan it for before noon...

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