Deschooling and Your Homeschool: Everything You Need To Know


What is deschooling? Do you need to do it? And how can it possibly help your homeschool? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about deschooling. What Is Deschooling? Let's start with what deschooling is. Essentially, deschooling is a period that you go through when you first start homeschooling, especially if your children have ever gone to public school, private school or any other kind of school setting. Deschooling allows you to take a step back from everything "schooly" and academic, and begin to teach your kids that learning doesn't just have to be sitting down at...

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February Themes and Resources Your Kids Will Love

binoculars and bird guide

February can sometimes be dark and gloomy out despite the lengthening days. Cozy up with some fun food and tons of great books and let the learning begin. Our nature study, liturgical living, food, books, and learning ideas will get you started for a month of family learning fun. Nature Study In February The snow (or the mud) makes this a great time of year to find tracks of non-hibernating animals! Also don't miss your chance to be a citizen scientist with the Great Backyard Bird Count. Snow Moon Feed the bird's day (3) - Make your own pinecone bird feeders. Birdwatching and the Great...

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30 Ancient Egypt Books For Your Homeschool

ancient Egypt homeschool books

These engaging and educational books are perfect for studying Ancient Egypt  in your homeschool. This booklist includes selections about Egyptian life and practices - everything you need for your homeschool ancient history lessons. Ancient Egypt For Your Homeschool History Study One of the most exciting and engaging parts of any homeschool ancient history study is Egypt. I remember being fascinated by this amazing civilization as a child. It's been a joy to see the same enthusiasm for learning about this topic in my own children. Our Favorite Books About Ancient Egyptian Life Nile...

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How Can I Work And Homeschool At The Same Time?

working homeschool mom

Since 2020, the number one question I get asked most often is, "How can I work and homeschool at the same time?" Whether moms and dads are trying to work from home, work outside the home, own their own business, they need to be able to work and homeschool their kids. How can I work and homeschool my child? Is it even possible to do this? Jennifer McKinnon from Practical by Default has some excellent advice on working while homeschooling. Jen has been a home schooling her children for 14 years, and working too. Once she returned to work, Jen realized that she was going to have to figure...

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YMB #107 Morning Time Beginnings and Memories

Giving yourself grace

If your Morning Time has ever fizzled or you have felt daunted by the idea of starting back in a new semester, this is the episode for you. Dawn Garrett and I chat about getting over the hump of the semester break, how to prepare for the February blues, plus we introduce our brand new Morning Time Journal and planner that we are so excited to share with you.Links and resources from today's show: Pastel Morning Time Journal & Planner Blue Morning Time Journal and Planner VIDEO: Morning Basket Journal & Planner Tour Masterpiece Makers Podcast Mad Libs AmblesideOnline Sonlight...

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Keeping Your Sanity As A Homeschool Mom: Giving Yourself Grace

homeschool mom moment

Homeschool moms can be very hard on themselves. We take the job of homeschooling our kids very seriously, and so we're really tough on our kids' teacher (and it just happens to be us!). Let's talk about keeping your sanity as a homeschool mom, how we can give ourselves a bit of grace when homeschooling, and where that grace actually comes from. Why Are Homeschool Moms So Hard On Themselves? For starters, we recognize what a big job homeschooling is. Raising our kids and parenting them is huge in and of itself, but then when we also take on the responsibility of their education, we are in...

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January Themes and Resources Your Kids Will Love

We are fully into winter now, which means some activities are great in front of a roaring fire (good book anyone?). Check out our list of fun January themes and homeschool activities to do with your kiddos this month. With nature study, liturgical living, food, books, and learning activities we have you covered with fun homeschool lesson plans all month long. Nature Study In January The cold is upon us so this is a great month to focus on snow and ice -- even if you don't live in a snowy climate. Do you have a backyard bird feeder? Help our feathered friends by making one this month. You...

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YB #106 What If You Are Stuck in A Morning Time Rut?

Have you ever felt like you were just stuck in a rut with Morning Time? It seems like you are just doing all the same old things and you can't shake things up and make them seem new again. We are talking about exactly that topic on today's episode of the podcast. I hope there is a pointer or two in here for you!Links and resources from today's show: Christmas Around the World Morning Time Explorations Advent Morning Time Plans A Month of Morning Time  Christmas Around the World Morning Time Explorations Advent Morning Time Plans A Month of Morning Time Ready-Made...

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Homeschooling High School: Everything You Need To Get Started

There is likely nothing that strikes more fear into the heart of homeschoolers than the idea of a homeschooling high school. There's teens and then there's transcripts.. and then there's teens. It can be a little bit of a daunting idea for most homeschoolers, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be! Homeschooling high school can be absolutely delightful. Can You Really Homeschool All The Way Through The High School Years? One of the first questions homeschoolers often ask is, "Can I really do this?" The answer is a resounding, "Yes!" Ann Karako homeschooled for 22 years and...

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YMB #105 Teaching Christmas Manners: A Conversation with Brandy Vencel

Planning Christmas School Nativity

If you have ever been in a situation where you were mortified at something your kids did then, well, you are in good company. It happens to all of us at some time or another. That is why my guest today took matters into her own hands and decided that the holiday season was the perfect time to teach some vital manners to her children. She did it each day during the season in her Morning Time and she is sharing the how-to-do-it with us. Don't miss this episode!Links and resources from today's show: Christmas Around the World Explorations Brandy's blog, Afterthoughts Start Here: A Journey...

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