I was so happy to hear that Mary was starting up Collage Friday again over at Homegrown Learners. I got to meet Mary at a blogging retreat this weekend (more on that later), and she could not be a sweeter person. So I am happy to be linking up. Be sure to click over and check out the other fun homeschool collages.


Top: We got our very first Kiwi Crate this week (review coming later this month). The kids we psyched to open it and then had to immediately start working on some of the activities inside.

I was pleasantly surprised at everything they sent (paint! scissors! games!) and the variety of crafts and experiments inside. Major score! Woot!

Middle: This is my view during co-op opening each week. The kids are singing and dancing to our gathering song. After this we pray, pledge, and do the timeline. It’s a great way to start “school” once a week. I love our little co-op.

Bottom: Another co-op shot (you can see Olivia in the background). This is our Patriots class (each class has a themed name — this year the theme is American colonial times) making molecules out of candy. Since I am not teaching memory work this year, I get to hang out where Jessica teaches science. She is always doing something amazing with them.



Top: A Morning Time view at our house. That day the activity of choice was coloring pages. I used to think they loved Morning Time because of the content, but now I realize they just like that break in the middle of the school day where they get to choose something fun to do while they listen. Ah well.

Middle: Thomas got his own level of Math-U-See! Primer finally came off of backorder and the package came Monday. He could not wait to watch his video and get to work. Of course then he wanted to watch a new video the next day. I had to have John explain that he doesn’t watch one every day. I skipped lessons 1-8 in the book and started with place value at lesson 9. He is no longer telling me math is too easy.

Bottom: I have a fabulous (and fun) hairdresser — which is why I put up with the low-availability of appointments — I guess everyone loves him. He blew out my hair the other day. Sometimes it’s fun to look totally different for a few days. It will last until the humidity gets to it, so this ‘do lasted about three days (No my hair doesn’t get greasy. I have a copious amount of dry, coarse, naturally curly hair.)

When mama goes away she always has to bring back presents, don’t ya know? I picked up these costume mustaches for John, which he has worn and shared all week (see the third photo at the top). It’s been interesting having an “older” son this week.


I attended a little blogging retreat this past weekend with some of the lovely ladies of iHomeschool Network. I got to meet so many great bloggers who I have read for the longest time. I learned so much, laughed so hard, and just generally had a blast.

My roomies for the weekend were the fabulous and feisty Dianna Kennedy and her littlest one. He was such a sweet baby — so good — and a snuggly little bear. I was in baby-heaven.

Simplified Organization eCourse

Sneak Peak Alert!

I spent the bulk of my extra time this week working on the graphics for Mystie’s fabulous new eCourse — Simplified Organization. As such, I have had a back-end sneak-peek of the goings on over there for a couple of weeks now. This course is going to blow you away.

For all of us who have struggled with getting and staying organized, with doing those things we KNOW we should do because they make our days run so much better, but we lack the WILL to do them, this course is the answer.

A perfect pairing of practical and inspirational, I love the format. The course walks you step-by-step through all of the processes with audio, video, and tools to use that help you be successful. As you work through the course, you check off the items you complete. Actionable items plus visible process will equal results. Perfect!

Mystie has given me a code to share with my friends. If you use “backtoschool” (leave off the quotes), you will get $39 off the price of the course for a limited time. How cool is that! Check it out and register today.

Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

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