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It’s very possible that you’ve been reading the Yule School series this week. You have seen the unit studies and printables, you have seen the real-life learning, and you have seen the interest-led activities, but it’s still all too much.

Maybe you feel like you have to keep going with your regular studies for whatever reason, and I get that. We were sick most of the month of November. I would love to have totally thrown off all of our studies for Yule School activities, but the truth is we are doing math, reading, and language arts almost every day in addition to our unit study, art, and music appreciation.

Easy Christmas Activities: Yule SchoolPin

But there are still a few things you can integrate into your everyday studies to celebrate the season. If the more involved ideas just simply won’t work for you, try a few of these.

Play Christmas Music

Perfect for math class and handwriting practice, just throw on some Christmas tunes to listen to while you work. We’ve been listening to Christmas music on Amazon Music which is free with our Prime account. (By the way, this month is the perfect time to use your Free Trial of Prime if you have not already. Free music, free movies, and free two-day shipping just can’t be beat.) Jessica recommends Old English Christmas and plays it for her kids.

Add a Special Read Aloud

You are reading to your kids anyway, right? So make those read alouds some fun Christmas ones.

PinThe Best Christmas Pageant Ever – a fun classic that will touch your heart.

The Polar Express – A longer picture book with a heart-warming message for the season.

Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent – We have yet to read this Advent adventure story, but we have heard great things about it from friends. We are waiting for our youngest to get a couple years older, but I hear it is riveting from start to finish.

Twitcher McGee and the Wonderful Tree – I have it on good authority that this is a wonderful, cute little chapter book. It is on its way to our house, and I can’t wait to read it to my animal-loving children.

Pioneer Christmas Collection — Ok this isn’t really a book, but in brainstorming with friends the wonderful Dianna Kennedy suggested reading all the Christmas chapters from the Little House on the Prairie Series series. Then we got to reminiscing about Laura getting the fur cape and muff at the town Christmas party, Christmas in the Big Woods at Grandma’s, and Mr. Edwards swimming the river to bring Santa’s gifts, and well, it’s a great idea. Pull out your collection, look up all the Christmas chapters and spend some of your read aloud time with the Ingalls.

Spice Up Your Memory Work

If you do a bit of memory work during your morning time, then try a couple of Christmas selections to get into the holiday spirit.

Enjoy an Audio Book

PinThere is the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol, which is a classic, but the Jim Weiss version also includes a retelling of “The Gift of the Magi” and Jim’s captivating style. Either would be a perfect addition to your holiday errands or lunch listening.

More Easy Christmas Activities

If you still need a few ideas of simple ways your family can celebrate the season then check out the Fun and Meaningful Family Activities at Real Life at Home. This Bingo-grid of activities will bring you together as a family and focus your attention on Jesus this holiday season.

More Christmas Learning

Every few days I will post a new, helpful video to my Ed Snapshots Facebook page about a Christmas tradition or custom. You can watch the video with your kids and then head to the Yule School Resources Page for links to activities, crafts, and learning ideas for each topic.

Use these to help you plan a simple or more elaborate Yule School in your home.

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