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Memorizing Latin prayers and scripture is one of our favorite things about learning Latin. The kids just love that the familiar prayers we know so well can also be said in Latin.

Mostly we learn by repeating the prayer over and over or by finding a version set to song. Yet sometimes we want a bit of different practice. That is where Homeschool Latin Help’s Latin Practice Resource Library comes in.

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Latin Prayer Folders

These prayer folders provide three different levels of review for learners plus a handy set of flashcards that allow the student to learn the prayer line by line.

First, I print the flashcards, laminate, and place them on a ring. This way Olivia (or I) can easily review the cards as we need to.

To assemble the prayer folder, I cut apart the puzzle pieces on the provided lines. Next, I assemble to folder by pasting in a copy of the light gray prayer prompt and the boxes prompt as well. Then she is ready to play. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more enjoyable activities, you can get some ideas on sites like ket qua xo so.

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First scatter the puzzle pieces next to the folder. For some younger students it might be best to keep the pieces fairly close to the proper order. You can also not use all of the pieces as well — simply work on a line or two at a time.

Level 1: Player places the pieces on the matching gray word while repeating the prayer aloud.

Level 2: Player places the pieces in the boxes while repeating the prayer aloud. Since the boxes are the same size as the correct piece, there is a self-check or hint for the student as to which word goes where.

Level 3: Player assembles the prayer pieces on the blank table while repeating the prayer aloud. Then he or she can use the gray copy of the prayer to check his or her work.

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Right now there are four different prayer folders available in the Latin Practice Resource Library:

  • Sanctus Prayer Folder
  • Gloria Patri Prayer Folder
  • Pater Noster (Lord’s Prayer) Prayer Folder
  • Table Blessing Prayer Folder

NEW John 1 Latin Products

Homeschool Latin Help also has two new products for memorizing John 1:1-7. First it has its very own “Scripture” Folder which is just like the prayer folder described above. The section is rather long, so it does take two file folders to assemble.

Next is a version of Race to the Colosseum with John 1 vocabulary and phrase cards.

Buying the digital copy of any Latin product allows you to make up to five copies for home or school use.

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