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My husband was the first one to turn me on to listening to podcasts. He’s a bit of a podcast fan, subscribing to about twenty on various topics from motorsports to geek culture. It didn’t take long, though, for me to figure out that podcasts were a fun source of information.

What I love best about podcasts is the fact that I can listen to them as I do other things. Many podcast topics don’t require the concentration an audio book would, so banging dishes and interrupting children usually don’t affect my ability to listen.

When I am at home, I listen with my cute, but powerful, wireless speaker. On the go, I hook my iPhone to my van radio with an auxiliary cable.

I have found podcasts on homeschooling, technology, religion, and even podcasts on podcasting. This means the variety of information available is also far beyond the variety offered by non-fiction audio books as well. Podcasts are often created by people who are passionate about their topic and experts on the subjects they discuss. Did I mention they were free?

Listening to Podcasts

If you have a computer with iTunes (free download for Mac or PC) or an Apple device, you have everything you need to start listening to podcasts for free. This video will show you how.

Other Tips

If you have an Android device you can use the free Stitcher app for podcast listening.

To go beyond Podcast 101 and expand your listening experience with even more features, check out Gretchen Louise’s review of various podcast app alternatives.

Tech Tips for Moms: Listening to PodcastsPin

Podcast ideas to get you started

Inspired to Action – Kat Lee’s podcast to inspire moms.

How They Blog – Another Kat Lee gem. Not to miss if you are a blogger.

Divine Office – Pray the liturgy of the hours in community via free podcast. Every hour, every day.

Circe Audio Library – From the Circe Institute. Wonderful information about classical education.

iHomeschool Hangouts Podcast – Homeschool topics each week by a panel of homeschool moms.

Read Aloud Revival – Not on iTunes until April 28, 2014, but you can get all the info on Sarah’s blog. I’ve had a sneak peak and this is going to be a good one.

So there you go — everything you wanted to know about how to listen to podcasts. And if there was something I didn’t cover, leave a comment or  a question and let me know.