All the reasons why I should be doing something else.

1 – I’ve been up past midnight the past three nights in a row! And then the boys still get me up sometime between 6 and 7. I really should be napping.

2 – I’ve been working on BIG project. I got the honor of designing of Sarah’s new book Teaching From Rest. Oh, boy folks. This one is good. I usually don’t read much as I design and format. I scan a little, but really I focus on how things LOOK and not how they sound. But wonderful bits of this keep jumping out at me while I work, and I find myself drawn in to read more. It’s inspiring. It’s helpful. It’s really, really good. I’ve already told some of the girls in our book club that this has to be our summer selection. And I promise, I am working as hard as I can to get it done!

3 – I’ve been watching Shakespeare. Took Olivia to her very first live performance, in fact. We went with friends to see a local university’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the two girls, ages 8 and 6, were enthralled with the entire performance. They giggled and laughed. I thought it was fabulous too. It’s been much too long since my last theater experience.

4 – I’ve been reading this book (the free version) and it is inspiring! Do snag your free copy before it is gone. I am thrilled with the concept of MUCH better iPhone photos. It is the camera that is always with me.

5 – I’ve become enthralled with video! I am NOT dying to be on-camera talent, but YouTube is a huge search engine and a great way to reach people. Not to mention that video is much better for explaining things like how to schedule your homeschool year or subscribe to a podcast. I’ve spent hours pouring over the instructional videos by the good people at Wistia and setting up my own little studio. I still need a few things to be fully up and running, but expect a LOT more video around here in the future (please don’t leave!!). It is just so much fun to do!

6 – I’ve implemented a new chore and incentive system around here. It is only five days old, but on the days we do it, it makes things run like a dream. I have been working hard to stay on top of the kids this week to make sure they are doing what they should. Of course, like every other chore and incentive system it is entirely dependent, on my self-discipline to make it work. Yeah, it’s probably doomed.

7 – I’ve run out of excuses, so I’m going to hit publish. Requisite photos for you:

Soccer and Quick Takes!

Soccer and Quick Takes!


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Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

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