Monthly Writing Bingo and Reading Log (Plus New Email Options)

Free Writing Bingo and Reading Log for January | Everyday Snapshots

Got another new feature here at Everyday Snapshots that I hope you are going to like. I am pairing with my good friend and former teacher, Lisa Healy, to offer a fun writing bingo sheet for every month of the year.

The bingo sheets include a variety of topics and genres for your student to write. There is one FREE space in each line, so it basically ends up being four writing assignments each month no matter which direction your student chooses to work towards a BINGO.

Free Writing Bingo for January | Everyday Snapshots
Of course as homeschoolers we have total flexibility with this little tool. Here are some ideas.
  • Many of the topics could be used as free-writes, others as opportunities to work with your student learning research skills. 
  • You can take one project entirely from start to finish ending with a polished product, while others might just warrant a first draft or even just complete the research portion and not even bother with a draft. 
  • I am a huge believer in scribing for the kid who is younger or great at composition, but lacking in the physical act of writing. 
  • Make it a community effort between siblings. 
  • Use it as an opportunity for modeling, by writing with your student and doing partnered writing. 
  • Feel free to change things up and make an assignment a piece of poetry, a picture book, a puppet show, an oral presentation, or even their very own YouTube news report. 
  • Find an audience by making a monthly magazine, starting a private blog, or entering a writing contest.
The possibilities are endless — the topics just get your (and hopefully their) writing juices flowing. Have them X off each square when the assignment is complete. Or better yet, provide fun stickers for the squares. 
A friend asked what the kids won when they got a bingo. I would recommend ice cream myself.
The January copy is free to download here today. As a special added bonus, I have included a matching reading log so you can track books read or audio books listened to during the month. 
There’s room for a dozen books, so print multiple copies for the voracious readers. It’s a handy little language arts mini-kit.
Free Reading Log for January | Everyday Snapshots

Click here to download your January Writing Bingo and matching reading log in handy PDF form.

And now, about that email.

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Don’t be confused!

Clear as mud? I thought so. Just be sure to ask any questions in the comment box, and I’ll be happy to confuse you more. 😉

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