Morning Time was our healing time!

I stumbled upon “Your Morning Basket” on an aimless late-night Pinterest search one night a couple years ago. For some reason, days went by and I could not get this idea out of my head. So, I read the e-book and got my Morning Time binder in place.

It was in no time after implementing this practice that I realized this was exactly what our family needed. I have a lot of health issues, I especially struggle with neuropathy and Lupus. Back when I stumbled upon Morning Time, I had been in a lot of pain and was basically pushing my family slowly away. The way we were doing things just was not working out. Wake up. Do math. Do language. Do science. And so on. Most days by the time we got through the basics I was in too much pain from the struggles of the day to do the thing I love the most, read aloud to my kids.

Morning Time changed everything. We start our days with not only what I love the most: reading aloud, but what my kids love the most: my attention. We all get something from it! Over the past couple years our Morning Time is constantly evolving as each season of life changes. Sometimes we have had a short 30-minute session, for a while I had our Morning Time broken up into 6 sections throughout the day, or right now we are doing best with a long stretches out hour an a half Morning Time.

I can not speak highly enough of Morning Time, it has not only saved our homeschool but it has saved my relationship with my children!

Cara Isaac