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We all know that Morning Time works great when you have younger kids in the house, but what does it look like for middle school? Is it even possible The answer is “Yes!” Middle schoolers can thrive in Morning Time and Kim Devers is here today to tell us about how it works with the middle grade kids in her family.

Links and Resources from Today’s Show

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Key Ideas about Morning Time with Middle Grades

  • Making consistency in Morning Time a priority is a great way to help build a connection with your kids and to provide opportunities for wonder in your homeschool. Sometimes celebrating small goals can help to build that consistency.
  • One approach that families can use when developing a Morning Time habit is to come to it from a liturgical perspective. Using language that may be present at religious services, or using bells and lighting candles can help call attention to the beauty that you are being exposed to in Morning Time and heightens the senses.
  • Giving our children ownership over the material is a good way to keep them interested. One way to do that is to let them choose some of the material for Morning Time. This can be done by giving them a choice of some preselected poems, hymns, or books. 

Find What you Want to Hear

  • [2:53] meet Kim Devers
  • [6:00] Kim’s 50 day Morning Time challenge
  • [12:06] fruits of her consistency challenge
  • [17:25] adjusting Morning Time for late risers
  • [20:00] advice for moms of middle schoolers
  • [33:15] Morning Time and relationships
  • [37:00] mom’s role in Morning Time

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