Project Snapshot {Week 5}

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Welcome to Project Snapshot

In this space we endeavor to capture a memory with camera, just words, or both. Share a memory from your week that you do not wish to forget — a laugh with a child, a moment with a spouse, a memory gathered while alone. In time we will have a collection of memories to treasure.

My Snapshot



Ode to a Rainbow Loom

Oh toy! Oh tool! Oh loom delight!
Your charms, your bracelets we adore.
And yet I long for this obsession to end.
And your bands no longer litter my floor.

Project Snapshot: Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. If you do not blog, feel free to share your memory below or use the hash tag #projectsnapshot on your favorite social media outlet so we can find you there.

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  • Lisa says:

    Best poem EVER

  • kortney says:

    yeah, i love the poem too : )
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  • syncopatedmama says:

    You have always been able to write a good Ode!
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  • edsnapshots says:

    Aw shucks. Thank you everyone. :$
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  • emsestuary says:

    HAHAHA great little poem.
    What does a clear floor look like?
    Anyway – fantastic picture.
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    • edsnapshots says:

      Honestly I wouldn't know a clean floor these days if I fell on it. I just don't understand why it doesn't bug them as much as it bugs me! But it doesn't. =/
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  • Erin says:

    Oh that picture made me laugh, such a boy pic
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  • Cassie says:

    Love it! My boys haven't discovered those things yet.
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