Seven Reasons You Know You Want This Book!

Teaching from Rest Book
Sarah’s fabulous book Teaching From Rest is now out and available in her estore! To celebrate her launch, I am giving you seven reasons you want this book. I am also offering a free companion printable. Read on!

1. It is inspiring. I have not been so inspired by a homeschooling book in a long time. Sarah reaches into our fears and problems and lifts us up with encouragement and ideas.

At every turn, she reminds us that what we are doing is bigger than test scores, college admissions, even ourselves. She encourages us to see our teaching not as delivering instruction, but as striving to be worthy of imitation by our student. It is just so good.

2. It is practical. Yes, yes, I know I said it was inspiring and usually a book is one or the other, but this one is the perfect blend of inspirational and practical. It gives you enough “feel good” to make you feel like you can be successful, but it also includes handy tips and ideas to really make a difference in how your day runs.

There is practical information about simplifying the schedule and the curriculum, how to run a successful morning time (and why you should), and even about prayer.

3. Speaking of prayer, it teaches you what aspirations are. Who knew that those short, little prayers you whisper throughout the day had a name? But I love them. Meaningful, but so doable for a mom who is busy from dawn until dusk. They allow me to practice “prayer without ceasing.”

Since I didn’t want those aspirations to just live in the book and not make it into my life, I created a companion printable listing the aspirations. It’s Sarah-approved and allows you to put the list in your latest read or Bible as a handy bookmark, on the fridge, or on the bathroom mirror.   Click here to download your own printable of the aspirations from Teaching From Rest. Print and cut apart and tuck them into corners all over your home to encourage you to turn to Him in your times of need.

Teaching from Rest Book

4. It is thoughtfully designed. (Okay, yeah, I know I am biased here.) There is plenty of white space and extra large margins for jotting down your notes and questions. Sarah’s photography is beautiful and makes the book pleasing to the eye.

5. It is the perfect book for your next book group discussion. My book group is planning on spending two months this summer savoring all the book and companion audio have to offer. The Companion Journal is perfect for group discussion with thoughtful questions that challenge you to think about your homeschool and take action to teach from rest.

6. The audio companion is fantastic. You have never heard Andrew Kern like this. There were moments I exclaimed, “YES! Every homeschool mom needs to hear what he is saying.” Best Kern interview ever — hands down.

I was listening to Sarah’s interview with Brandy Vencel in the van and actually had to pull over to make a note of something they said. I have yet to listen to the other two audio, but just those two are worth the price of the companion. I can’t wait to listen again, hear the others, and dig into all of it with my book club.

Teaching from Rest Book7. It’s a restful read. While thought-provoking and practical, it is an easy-to-read approach to material that is so often full of grand thoughts, language, and philosophy. Teaching From Rest makes it easy for the busy, overtired, overworked homeschooling mom of many to grasp these lofty thoughts and ideas without making her head hurt.

Print the book, grab a pen, sip a cold drink and be blessed over and over again by the message you have been needing to hear. You won’t be sorry you did.

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Sarah says:

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  • I was already excited to buy the book, but after reading your review, I happily clicked over and purchased it! I had to buy the Kindle version because I have a printer that never wants to print. I need to fix that! I can not wait until I have time to sit down to read it. 🙂

  • This printable! I love! 🙂

  • I love the printable, too! What a great idea. 🙂

    By the way, I am now curious what you had to write down. I am surprised that there was anything left after Sarah cut the giggling out. 😉

    • Pam Barnhill says:

      Oh Brandy, all of it was so good, but I was really struck by everything having its own time. And then you quoted that “if no time was wasted there was plenty of it and no hurry.” Oh my, there are SO many areas of my life this can apply to — not just homeschooling. I am always moaning about finding balance. If I could just stop wasting the time I have, then I couldn’t help but find balance.

      Anyway I was inspired to go back to Tell Your Time after your interview (and where Sarah talks about it in the book) and fill out slots for my day. So important.

      • Oh, Pam, you are not the only one still thinking about that quote! I actually have a post about part of it tomorrow, but you are right — it is truly something to think about and something that applies to all areas of life. I’m trying to plan my summer in light of that fact, actually. 🙂

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