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HS 192: Passing the Baton with Wendy Speake

All good things must come to an end and this is one of those cases. I have decided to turn my focus to Morning Baskets in 2020 and beyond and therefore am stepping down as host of the Homeschool Solutions show. But never fear, I am leaving you in great hands. Enter...

HS 186 The Real Mom Tour Hits the Road with Colleen Kessler and Sarah Mackenzie

Today on the podcast I am joined by my good friends Sarah Mackenzie and Colleen Kessler to chat about our new adventure next year -- the Real Mom Tour with Great Homeschool Conventions. We are so excited to share this new event with homeschool moms all over the...

HS 184: The Important Skills Learned from Cooking with Kids with Tiffany Dahle

I don't know about your kids, but mine love to bake. There is something about getting in the kitchen and making a mess while making something yummy that appeals. This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Dahle who has a brand new baking book...

HS 182 Andrew Stanley: Homeschooling is Too Funny

Andrew Stanley was homeschooled through eighth grade and gets it. He knows homeschooling makes the fodder for some funny jokes. Join me and Andrew on this episode of the podcast as we chat about how a finance major ended up as a standup comedian, if...

The Podcast Archives

Episode 047: Three Ways to Incorporate Movement and Improve Focus by Crystal Wagner

Episode 191 [AUDIOBLOG]: Why I’m No Longer Behind in Homeschooling by Jamie Erickson

Episode 046: 11 Tips for Raising Readers by Cindy West

Episode 189 [AUDIOBLOG]: Why Bother? What’s the point of a great education if your children can’t seem to remember most of it? by Amy Sloan

Episode 045: How to Avoid These Six Homeschooling Planning Pitfalls by Pam Barnhill

Episode 187 [AUDIOBLOG]: How to Take the Stress Out of December by Cindy West

Episode 044: How to Bring Geography to Life for Your Middle Schooler by Pat and Candy

Episode 183 [AUDIOBLOG]: The Role of the Parent in Music Education by Inga Hope

Episode 043: The Imperfect Homeschool by Colleen Kessler

Episode 180 [AUDIOBLOG]: What is a Morning Basket and Why Would You Want to do One? by Pam Barnhill

Episode 042: Beat the Yellow Bus Blues :: Combat Homeschooling Burnout by Pam Barnhill

Episode 176 [AUDIOBLOG]: How to Survive the First Year of Homeschooling with Adrienne Bolton

Episode 041: Six Tips for Teaching Early Readers by Cindy West

Episode 166 [AUDIOBLOG]: Four Questions to Ask before Planning and Purchasing New Curriculum by Amy Sloan

Episode 040: The Hardest Parts of Homeschooling (That no one likes to talk about) by Alicia Hutchinson

Episode 163 [AUDIOBLOG]: Don’t Be Afraid to Face Sibling Complaints by Lynna Sutherland

Episode 039: Dealing with the Homeschool Meltdown by Pam Barnhill

Episode 159 [AUDIOBLOG]: Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities by Felicia Johnson

Episode 038: I’m Just so Glad He Didn’t Sit on That Line by Kara Anderson

EPISODE 155 [AUDIOBLOG]: How to be a Miserable Homeschool Mom by Adrienne Bolton

Episode 037: The Unique Power of a Homeschool Parent: Innovation by Mary Wilson

Episode 151 [AUDIOBLOG]: Top 10 Tips For Teaching The Short Vowel Sounds To Beginning Readers by Christy

Episode 036: Homeschool Resolutions You Can Keep by Pam Barnhill

Episode 147 (AUDIOBLOG): A Day in the Life: Homeschooling Multiple Children by Deana Wood

Episode 035: What Homeschool Moms Really Want for Christmas by Pam Barnhill

Episode 143: Do You Really Want the Kids to Stop Fighting by Lynna Sutherland

Episode 034: The Key to Homeschooling Consistently by Mystie Winckler

Episode 141: The NEW Homeschool Solutions Show by Pam Barnhill

Episode 033: The Psychology of Homeschooling with a Toddler by Lynna Sutherland

Episode 139: How Your Morning Quiet Time is Sabotaging Your Day by Pam Barnhill

Episode 032: Easy Tips for Poetry Tea Parties by Pam Barnhill

Episode 137: How to Have the Perfect Christmas with Visiting Family by Dachelle McVey

Episode 031: Homeschooling When the Kids Try to Throw You Overboard by Lara Molettiere

Episode 134: Homeschool Hacks for Juggling Multiple Kids by Pam Barnhill

Episode 030: Fun vs. Joy in Homeschooling by Pam Barnhill

Episode 132: He said/She said: a Dad’s and Mom’s Perspectives on Homeschooling by Amy Sloan

Episode 029: Are You Reacting to or Controlling the Atmosphere of Your Home? by Crystal Wagner

Episode 130: Memory Work for Visual Learners: Help Your Kids Memorize Anything Part 4 by Pam Barnhill

Episode 028: Tips for Balancing Homeschooling and Housekeeping by Tonia Lyons

Episode 128: Avoiding Overwhelm from the Inside Out by Marla Szwast

Episode 027: Do the Work of Homeschooling by Brandy Vencel

Episode 126: The REAL Reason Sibling Conflict is a Problem in Your Home by Lynna Sutherland

Episode 026: How to Feel Less Busy Even When You Can’t Be by Pam Barnhill

Episode 124: How to Homeschool and Still Get (Most) Things Done by Pam Barnhill

Episode 025: How to be a Cool Mom (And Why You Should Want to Be One) by Jimmie Lanley

Episode 122: Recite, Recite, Recite: Help Your Kids Memorize Anything Series by Pam Barnhill

Episode 023: We’re losing the culture war (and what a homeschool mom can do about it) by Pam Barnhill

Episode 120: 5 Ways to Build Your Homeschooling Confidence by Kelly George

Episode 022: Sometimes I Feel Like Quitting by Sarah Mackenzie

Episode 118: Will You Send Them to High School? And Other Homeschool Questions I’m Asked by Emily Copeland

Episode 021: Homeschool Requires Commitment by Mary Prather

Episode 116: How to Make your Homeschool Plan Not Feel Like a Big Guess by Pam Barnhill

Episode 020: Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Homeschool Day with Math by Pam Barnhill

Episode 114: Textbook-Free History by Amy Sloan

Episode 019: Ten Gifts of Homeschool by Emily Copeland

Episode 112: How Three Lists Can Save Your Homeschool… And Your Sanity by Pam Barnhill

Episode 018: My Biggest Homeschool Regret by Cait Fitzpatrick Curley

Episode 110: It’s Time for the Checklist Homeschool Moms to Stop Apologizing by Pam Barnhill

Episode 017: 10 Reasons to Add Morning Time to Your Homeschool by Pam Barnhill

Episode 108: Five Steps to a Fabulous Summer Plan by Pam Barnhill

Episode 016: How a Homeschooling Mindset Changes Everything by Kara Anderson

Episode 106: Because Doing All the Things Won’t Work by Mary Wilson

Episode 015: What I Learned this School Year by Alicia Hutchinson

Episode 104: 8 Ways to Make Math More Fun by Kate Snow

Episode 014: Three Ways I’m Bringing My Basket This School Year by Pam Barnhill

Episode 102: Why Self-Editing is Hard for Kids … and How to Make It Easier! by Kim Kautzer

Episode 013: The Case for Creativity by Amber Kane

Episode 100: How to Enjoy Homeschooling… (Just Because We Can!) by Sarah Mackenzie

Episode 012: Memorization’s Role in Our Home by Tara Vos

Episode 098: Our Morning Meetup: 6 Steps to a Low-Stress Homeschool Morning by Dachelle McVey

Episode 011: Why You Need a Prepared Curriculum by Pam Barnhill

Episode 096: The Homeschooling Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making by Pam Barnhill

Episode 010: What’s Your Homeschool Personality by Mystie Winckler

Episode 094: Three Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Homeschool by Pam Barnhill

Episode 009: How I’m Using Spiral Notebooks to Simplify My Homeschool by Sarah Mackenzie

Episode 092: Purposeful Homeschooling: Keeping Your Vision in Mind by Sara Jordan

Episode 008: The Most Important Person in Your Homeschool Plan is Not Your Kid by Pam Barnhill

Episode 090: What to Say (and What Not to Say) When you Meet a Homeschool Mom by Ashley Fox

Episode 007: Aligning Your Academic Year with the Calendar Year by Dawn Garrett

Episode 088: When Making it From Scratch Isn’t Good Enough by Pam Barnhill

Episode 006: Don’t Be a Curriculum Slave by Brandy Vencel

Episode 086: Homeschool: Love the Year You’re With by Mary Wilson

Episode 005: Warning: Your Homeschool Plan Isn’t Going to Work by Pam Barnhill

Episode 084: Host a Christmas Picture Book Cookie Exchange

Episode 004: Best Tips for Creating a Homeschool Daily Schedule by Pam Barnhill

Episode 082: 10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Homeschooling by Cindy West

Episode 003: Loop Scheduling vs. Block Scheduling: Which is Right for Your Homeschool? by Pam Barnhill

Episode 080: Opportunities My Teens are Missing Because We Homeschool High School by Ann Karako

Episode 002: Why Do You Do What You Do, Homeschool Mom? by Pam Barnhill

Episode 078: How to Have a Successful Morning Time from the Very First Day by Pam Barnhill

Episode 001: Five Things Every New Homeschool Mom MUST Know by Pam Barnhill

Episode 076: 6 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome the Fear of Failure by Alexandra Eidens

Episode 087: The Best Teacher by Mystie Winckler

Episode 074: 8 Ways to Hold Our Independent Learners Accountable by Michelle Caskey

Episode 085: The Blessings of Holiday Traditions for Preschoolers by Pam Barnhill

Episode 072: Your Biggest Read Aloud Mistake by Pam Barnhill

Episode 083: Motivate Your Kids by Teaching Them to Have a Growth Mindset by Marianne Sunderland

Episode 070: To the Homeschool Mom with the Middle Schooler by Tonia Lyons

Episode 081: How to Homeschool Preschool and Love It by Pam Barnhill

Episode 068: Why I Need a Scheduled Routine by Dawn Garrett

Episode 079: How Moms Benefit from Read-Alouds (They’re Not Just Good for Kids!) by Kathy Weitz

Episode 066: My Mama Won’t Talk Funny: Exciting Read-Alouds Without Character Voices by Pam Barnhill

Episode 077: How to Find Your Homeschooling Joy Again by Jessica Smartt

Episode 064: Could it be Dyslexia? Signs of Dyslexia by Marianne Sunderland

Episode 075: How Technology Can Enhance Your Morning Time by Pam Barnhill

Episode 062: Why Your Homeschool Schedule Isn’t Working (And Two Simple Ways to Fix It) by Tonia Lyons

Episode 129: If You Want Your Kids to Listen Stop Repeating Yourself by Leah Martin

Episode 060: The Hack That Will Simplify Your Homeschool For Good by Pam Barnhill

Episode 127: Sing Me A Song: Help Your Kids Memorize Anything by Pam Barnhill

Episode 058: Our Year Round Homeschool Summer Schedule by Dachelle McVey

Episode 125: You’re Not Homeschooling for Likes by Kara Anderson

Episode 056: So You Think You Want to Homeschool by Dawn Garrett

Episode 123: The Scary Homeschool Mom by Mystie Winckler

Episode 054: Ten Steps to the Perfect Homeschool Plan by Pam Barnhill

Episode 121: Mom Guilt: Yeah, I’m Over It (Mostly) by Mary Wilson

Episode 052: Helping the Perfectionist Child by Marianne Sunderland

Episode 119: How to Help Your Kids Memorize Anything by Pam Barnhill

Episode 050: Diligence is Key to the Well-Run School by Sara Dennis

Episode 117: How to Teach Multiple Grade Levels in Math Without Losing Your Mind by Kate Snow

Episode 048: Five Secrets of Great Library Trips with Kids by Pam Barnhill

Episode 115: Don’t Fail Your Kids! 10 Life Skills Teens Need Before They Graduate by Dachelle McVey

Episode 190 [AUDIOBLOG]: Saying Goodbye to Comparison and Loving the Homeschool You Have by Emily Copeland

Episode 113: The Issue is not the Issue by Lynna Sutherland

Episode 185 [AUDIOBLOG]: Why We Homeschool (and Why We Don’t Explain Ourselves to nosy strangers) by Ashley Fox

Episode 111: How a Homeschool Mom Can Worry Less and Do More by Pam Barnhill

Episode 178 [AUDIOBLOG]: How to Tell Others You are Homeschooling with Misty Bailey

Episode 109: Four Keys to a Homeschool Plan That Will Actually Work by Pam Barnhill

Episode 165 [AUDIOBLOG]: Year Round Homeschooling by Pam Barnhill

Episode 107: Why I Homeschool 4 Days a Week: No More Stressed Out “Friday Mom” by Deana Wood

EPISODE 157 [AUDIOBLOG]: When Your Homeschool Child Can’t Read Yet by Erin Cox

Episode 105: I’m the Homeschool Mom Without An Education Degree by Emily Copeland

Episode 149 [AUDIOBLOG]: Homeschooling – Are You Doing It Right? by Kelly George

Episode 103: Ten Big Fat Homeschool Fears (& How to Conquer Them) from Bookshark

Episode 142: Heather Woodie: Morning Time with Teens

Episode 101: How To Improve Bad Attitudes in Your Homeschool by Cindy West

Episode 138: Symptoms of a Homeschool Mom by Aby Rinella

Episode 099: Six Homeschool Morning Time Myths and Why They Are Just Not True by Pam Barnhill

Episode 133: Dear Homeschool Mom Who Feels Like a Failure by Ann Karako

Episode 065: 5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Preschool Math into Your Day by Lisa Healy

Episode 097: How to Get the Most out of Your Homeschool Convention

Episode 145: How to Homeschool with Confidence by Dawn Garrett

Episode 057: Herding Cats: How to Read to Toddlers and Preschoolers Who Won’t Always Sit Still by Pam Barnhill

Episode 140: How You Are The Enemy of Your Best Morning by Pam Barnhill

Episode 053: Three Homeschooling Essentials You Can’t Buy Online by Tonia Lyons

Episode 135: Homeschool Mother’s Journal: The Privilege of Homeschooling by Emily Copeland

Episode 049: Creating a Book Club for Kids by Mary Wilson

Episode 131: Think Outside the Book: 10 Other Was to Get Your Reluctant Reader Reading

Episode 188 [AUDIOBLOG]: The Eraser by Aby Rinella

Episode 095: Sometimes It’s Easier To Do School Than Not To Do School by Pam Barnhill

Episode 169 [AUDIOBLOG]: Homeschooling High School: 2 Things You Might Be Missing by Susan Landry

Episode 093: It’s Not that Hard to Homeschool High School by Ann Karako

Episode 161 [AUDIOBLOG]: How We Homeschool Without Grade Levels by Jamie Erickson

Episode 069: Dear Self: Why You Stink at Homeschool Consistency by Pam Barnhill

Episode 071: Innovative Homeschooling: Let’s Talk Literature by Mary Wilson

Episode 073: Secrets about Schedules by Mystie Winckler

Episode 089: Morning Time for All Ages by Pam Barnhill

Episode 063: How to Create a Flexible Homeschool Plan by Pam Barnhill

Episode 181 [AUDIOBLOG]: Morning Basket with Older Kids: How to Make it Work by Pam Barnhill

Episode 091: 25 Ways to Rule Your Homeschool by Katrina Oldham

Episode 051: The Best Homeschool Lesson Planner Might Not Be What You Think by Pam Barnhill

Episode 061: 5 Ways Our Sons Will Be Different If We Homeschool Them by Michelle Caskey

Episode 059: Balance + Homeschooling: How We (Try To) Do It by Alicia Hutchinson

Episode 055: The Myth of Independence by Heather Woodie

EPISODE 153: (Audioblog) When Your Spouse is Against Homeschooling by Misty Bailey

Episode 067: Homeschooling, Seriously by Cindy West

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