Homeschool White Knight


We started morning time about 8 months ago. Nothing in our day was getting finished. The children were always bickering. I was not being consistent because of all my frustration. Our school was falling apart, and even more important I did not enjoy being with my kids. They didn’t like me much either.

Then I took the Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp and learned about Morning Time. In rode our homeschool white knight! We were reading together, had tea, did map drills, listened to great music, shared stories, laughed! School was getting done….and we liked it!

Our Morning Time morphed from 15 minutes to close to an hour and a half as we enjoyed things together. I felt my confidence and joy returning. Now if we are having a hard day Morning Time always gets done, at the very least. Because, in Morning Time we are getting goodness, beauty, and truth.

Morning Time changed how we did school. It changed our family atmosphere. ?

Jillian Bradbury