There are times when you meet a book and it is life-changing. This is one of those times.

While you would think I am talking about the Bible or one of the great works of classical literature, I am not. This time the life-changing tome of which I speak is the humble Usborne Book of 365 Things to Make and Do.

Seriously, this book is making quite the impact around here.

I picked it up during the Usborne Christmas sale and not a week goes by that it is not pulled out two or three times and consulted for crafting endeavors. The kids have made paper garlands, pretty masks, animal masks, things on strings, drawing dogs, felt animals and box fold cards just to name a few.

We really have just scratched the surface of what this great book has to offer, and they don’t get tired of going back to previous projects again and again.

365 Things to Make and Do | Everyday SnapshotsPin

For the most part the kids are able to do many of the crafts with minimal help from me. John occasionally asks me to sketch or cut something, but he is gaining independence and Olivia is able to work largely on her own.

The book makes for quiet early morning crafting that often spills over into something to do with the hands during circle time.

365 Things to Make and Do | Everyday SnapshotsPin

You can pick up your own copy of 365 Things to Make and Do on Amazon, but if you are local to me, I would suggest shooting me an email so I can hook you up with our local Usborne person extraordinaire Tara Maple.

Right now with homeschool moms all planning next year and school moms looking for fun summer activities it is just the perfect time to host an Usborne party. I attended one a couple of weeks ago that was a great success (as my checkbook can attest).

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