Elemental Biology for the Grammar Stage Review

As homeschool moms already know, flexibility is an incredibly important skill to hone. We love our planners and our outlines (and our laminating machines!), and routine is the beating heart of a healthy homeschool day. But whether you’re facing a world pandemic or trying to teach a subject across a smattering of varied ages, flexibility is a workhorse in our toolbox.

As you know about me, when I make plans, schedules, outlines, or even just a grocery list, I like to stick to them. I stay focused and determined and I always see things through, so when a worldwide pandemic threatened to upend my co-op schedule I was thrilled that they’d been using Elemental Science’s Biology for the Grammar Stage.

For as much as I react to change, I was very happy that my science could continue seamlessly away from the classroom, a nod to the incredible flexibility of an already wonderful program.

You may remember my glowing review of Biology for the Logic Stage, a fantastic science curriculum for middle school-aged children. Everything that was wonderful for those tweens and teens is just as great for the younger students. Suitable for individual, co-op, or classroom use, Biology for the Grammar Stage is the perfect solution for whatever your educational setting is.

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Geared towards children between first and fourth grade, the material is perfect and flexible enough for large families or co-ops looking to include multiple ages, and even includes optional coloring pages for including younger siblings and students.

What’s in Elemental Science for the Grammar Stage

Writing, narration, and the supplemental reading can even be added to your Morning Time routine! The variety of assignments allows for many different types of homeschooling, as well, so you needn’t feel strapped to a single educational philosophy.

Our co-op was able to enjoy science in a mixed-age group by using scientific demonstrations, memory work, narration, copy work, vocabulary, science projects, and even crafts! The provided scope and sequence even includes a list of living books as suggested reading to enhance the understanding of the students, along with optional writing activities.

There is truly so much in the program that any homeschooler – from Charlotte Mason to Classical to all-out eclectic – can not only learn, but be intrigued and enamored with science. By offering such a well-rounded approach to biology, the program is not only flexible in that you can choose which projects you want to do, but is wholly memorable.

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Your kiddos won’t just be filling in blanks, they’ll be experiencing science with hands-on experiments and learning through the steps of projects.

The teacher’s guide for Biology for the Grammar Stage is broken up into four subjects, intended to equal 36 weeks of instruction. As students explore the human body, habitats, animals, and plants, they will enjoy weekly demonstrations, reading assignments, notebooking projects, and more.

The student workbook even includes all of the notebooking pages your children will need for the unit projects, narrations, lab reports, and student glossary. With so much provided and so many options, Biology for the Grammar Stage is entirely flexible enough to use in a variety of settings, across a variety of ages, and satisfying a variety of homeschool styles.

Because the open-and-go teacher’s manual has lessons planned out and supplemental assignments already included, this is also an ideal program for parents who need flexibility due to travel, illness, moving, or a global pandemic.

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Flexible homeschool science for elementary grades

When co-ops get canceled, the program is so well-planned that you would be able to pick up where your child left off, right in the comfort of your home! The affordable experiment kit ensures that you’ll never find yourself rushing to the store the night before a lesson in search of materials, and keeps you home, or on the road, or in a co-op, completely prepared for whatever project is next.

There are even free games included to engage learners of multiple ages while challenging their knowledge of biology. This program truly offers the flexibility and preparation that so many homeschooling families need, without sacrificing the quality of the lessons.

If you’ve got a gaggle of little ones or a co-op class full of varied learners, check out what the flexibility of Biology for the Grammar Stage has to offer. By providing everything from outlines to project pages, this program makes science fun, memorable, and yes, flexible. From little hands to big minds, there’s plenty included to ensure that your child is enjoying while learning, and you barely even have to break a sweat.

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