Five Learn to Write Numbers Activities for Young Learners

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Five activities for number writing practice | Everyday SnapshotsPin

There’s a new obsession at my house. We have a brand new number writer, and he is all about some number writing practice. He loves to learn to write numbers and to have you write numbers for him.

“Mom, write tirty-free. Mom, write sixty-two. Mom, write cero, cero, seven.” When he gets on a roll, we could sit and write numbers for a long, long time.

Fortunately, I am well-prepared for new number writers. Our number writing poems and printables are still going strong on their jump ring. And they are still the perfect thing — for the new number writer or the older kid who still struggles with reversals.


But sometimes you need a little variety, you know. So here are a few more activities for helping kids — little and bigger — to practice number writing.

Number Writing Practice

1. Salt Tray Number Writing

Learn with Play at Home has a great post about how to use the salt tray for writing numbers. You can use the cards and have them count as demonstrated or you could simply have them copy the number side of the card. I love how that it is self-checking and that Debs has fabulous ideas for extending the activity as well.

Don’t have that much salt? You can also substitute sand, sugar, flour or cornstarch instead. If you don’t have a fancy tray, any flat container with low sides will work. And for those worried about mess and storage, Julie at Nurturing Learners found a great little box with lid for hers.

2. Play Calculator

Another idea from Learn with Play at home; this one takes a little more prep, but what a fun option. Make your own bottle top calculator and kids can play at pressing the numbers and then writing them on the paper strip in the display area. Once again, Debs offers a variety of options to extend this activity for the preschool and kindergarten age group.

3. Great use for Old Calendars

Discover, Explore, Learn shares a fantastic use for old calendars! A year’s worth of calendars will provide a lot of writing practice, and old ones are so easy to find for free.

4. Race to Trace

Five activities for number writing practice | Everyday SnapshotsPinOh my, the kids LOVE this game. It is still too fast paced for Thomas, but the bigs love to play it. You can see the original idea about halfway down the page in this list of math center ideas by Shari Sloane.

You play by rolling a die and then tracing the number on the page. The game moves quickly as each player has their own die and rolls in rapid succession. The player to trace all their numbers first wins.

We put ours in page protectors and use our dry erase markers. It helps John cement his number formation and Olivia work on those pesky reversals. And they never get tired of playing.

5. Kumon Workbooks

As your number writer gains fine motor control and wants or needs a bit more practice, Kumon offers My Book Of Numbers 1-30. Kumon is our workbook of choice and this one includes not only writing practice, but counting and number recognition as well.

Now how about you? Do you have any favorite learn to write numbers activities for helping little mathematicians with number writing practice?



  • Erica Saint says:

    We love Kumon workbooks, and the idea of using old calendars is brilliant!
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    • edsnapshots says:

      Kumon is our favorite too. Every kid has gone through a period of being obsessed with those — especially the cutting, pasting, and sticker ones!

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