HS 166: Homeschool Planning for Pregnancy and a Newborn with Amy Roberts


There is nothing that can more joyfully throw a homeschool year off balance than pregnancy and a new baby. Moms have so much to do already and now throw morning sickness, extreme fatigue, and a new born into the mix and homeschooling gets even harder.

Joining me today is mom of many Amy Roberts who knows a thing or two about homeschooling while pregnant and with a newborn. Amy gives us her best tips for planning a year that you know will be challenged by all these big changes. She is pulling out her best big family tips. Enjoy!

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HS 166: Homeschool Planning for Pregnancy and a Newborn with Amy Roberts

Homeschool Planning for Pregnancy Details:

[00:56] About Amy’s family
[03:02] What is year-round homeschooling?
[05:58] A typical pregnancy for Amy
[06:55] How Amy sets up her school year when she knows she is pregnant
[07:45] The flexibility of homeschooling
[09:20] Creating a plan so kids can work independently using tools like Evernote and Pinterest
[11:45] Building habits of independence in your kids
[14:57] What Amy doesn’t “front load” her homeschool work during the final weeks of pregnancy
[19:53] Keeping the curriculum simple to give kids time to pursue their passions
[20:36] What happens with a tough pregnancy or unexpected newborn situation?
[22:16] How to accept help with a newborn.
[26:05] The mom’s homeschool basket tool and how to use it when you have a newborn.
[27:58] The effect of multiple pregnancies on the older kids’ education.
[31:31] Amy’s favorite planning tools

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