HS 156 Sonya Shafer: Mom, Teacher, Mentor


Sonya Shafer is the encouraging voice and curriculum writer behind Simply Charlotte Mason. Along with her friend Karen and their families, Sonya has been teaching about Charlotte’s methods for years, helping families to bring them into the 21st century.
A popular speaker on CM topics, I was excited to get to sit down in this episode and talk to Sonya more about homeschooling in general — how her family started this journey, Sonya’s journey into homeschooling her special needs daughter, and even how they began a ministry and a business that would grow to help thousands of homeschoolers everywhere. I know you will love this one.
Note: I took this photo earlier this year when Sonya and her husband John invited me and my husband over to learn how to make better YouTube videos! We had a blast laughing and learning together.

HS 156 Sonya Shafer: Mom, Teacher, Mentor

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