The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind: 31 Days of Picture Books for Everyone

This month we are sharing 31 of our very favorite picture books for everyone. We have chosen kids’ books with vivid language, interesting stories and striking artwork to appeal to every person in your family.

Each book post also includes a few activities — some simple, some more involved — for your entire family to enjoy together. Or not! Reading the book is enough in itself if that is all you want to do.

Kids Books 31 Days of Picture Books for Everyone Contest Between the Sun and the Wind

As the weather grows cooler, snuggle up and enjoy a picture book or two together as a family. It may be the highlight of your day.

Picture Book Details

Book: Contest Between the Sun and the Wind 

Author: Heather Forest

Illustrator: Susan Gaber

Contest Between the Sun and the Wind

I love, love, love the illustrations in this book. There is just something about the characterization of the sun and the wind and the movement created by the drawings that is just wonderful and so appealing.

The story isn’t too shabby either. Based on an Aesop’s fable, the sun and the wind are locked in a contest to see who can get a man to take off his coat. I won’t spoil the ending, but the lesson of succeeding with skill over bluster and force is a great one for kids to learn.

Totally delightful book.

Do More with Kids’ Books

We also have this beautifully illustrated version of Aesop’s fables. These short fables are perfect for practicing narration or summarizing skills (a great skill to practice orally) and to illustrate in your own book of fables. 

Celebrate both the sun and the wind by making this DIY Suncatcher Wind Chime.

Enjoy this Youtube video from Socratica that explains the genre of fables and a little biographical information about Aesop.

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