Learn To Write Numbers: Ten

This activity is part of my Learn to Write Numbers resources. Be sure to click over to get all the fun printables and ideas.

A reader has requested an 11-20 set. There will be no rhymes, sadly, but it will be released later this month, all as a single download — yay for that. How about a theme change too? Fall-themed number pages will be coming right up as well.

Learn to Write Numbers Ten Printables

For today, though, I bring you the number ten.

Don’t forget that the printables come in two different types. First is the preschool version that has large boxes for younger kids who are first learning to form the numbers, but don’t have the fine motor control needed to make the numbers on a line.

The other version of the printable has a few numbers to trace on the lines and then space for your young writer to practice a few numbers on his own.

Learn to Write Numbers Ten

Choose the version of the printable that suits your purposes the best or feel free to download both versions.

Download the learn to write numbers ten preschool version here.

Learn to Write Numbers Ten Preschool Version

Download the learn to write numbers ten tracer version here. 

Learn to Write Numbers Ten Tracer Version Printable


This week we practiced writing numbers in one of our very favorite ways — shaving cream! I let the kids do this on the back porch with their bathing suits on. Once they are done we take the hose and spray off them, the table, and the porch. Since shaving cream is basically soap, they smell squeaky clean!

Learn to Write Numbers Ten with Shaving Cream!

I put a big pile on the table and let Thomas go at learning to write numbers. This also works well with salt, pudding, sand, flour or sugar.  Any kind of thick substance that will allow him to use large arm motions to create the numbers.

What is your favorite out-of-the-box way to let the kids practice writing?

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  • Amber says:

    I loveeeee these!!!! In my preschool room we like to do 1-26 numbers though! To match with the alphabet! Anyway you could do 21-26? :):)

  • Amber says:

    I loooove these!!! Anyway you can do 21-26? I teach 1-26 in my preschool room so that it matches up with the alphabet 🙂

  • Shelley Simon says:

    Can you help me find the number cards? I bought the subscription, but can’t find the PDF to download the 1-10 poem cards. I would love to laminate them for easy use. Thanks!

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