The Magician’s Nephew Language Arts Together


Transform Your Teaching with Our Multi-Age Language Arts. Perfect for busy parents!


Transform Your Teaching with Our Multi-Age Language Arts

It can feel overwhelming to juggle several curriculums, trying to give each child the attention and level-appropriate material they need



Homeschooling families often face the challenge of teaching multiple children across different grade levels.

Traditional curriculums can segregate learning, making creating a cohesive educational experience for the entire family challenging.

Introducing the Language Arts Together 

Middle and elementary language arts centered around high-engagement read-alouds

Our language arts plans

bring the entire family together for a shared learning journey through engaging stories. The guide adapts to each child’s learning level, ensuring everyone can participate, learn, and grow.


What makes Language Arts Together unique:

  • Family-Centric Learning: Our curriculum bridges the gap between different age groups, allowing for a shared educational experience that brings the family together.
  • Adaptable Activities: Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced learner, the activities can be scaled to challenge them at just the right level.
  • Comprehensive Language Arts: We combine literature, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and narration to create a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Through narration and our “Four-Square Story Chart,” students develop a deeper understanding and a personal connection with the literature.
  • Hands-On Vocabulary and Grammar: Contextual learning and engaging games make vocabulary and grammar fun and memorable.
  • Writing Inspiration: Encouraging emulation of the authors’ styles, your children will learn to write like their favorite authors.
  • Copywork and Dictation: Improve handwriting and grammar with passages directly from the novels in print and cursive.
  • Exploratory Learning: “Rabbit Trails” take your children beyond the book to explore related topics, enriching their learning experience.


What happens when I check out? You will receive an email with a link to The Magician’s Nephew in our portal, where you can access your plans.  If you do not receive this email, check your spam and contact for help.You will also be redirected to the LAT Magician’s Nephew space upon checkout. If you have never been inside our portal before, you will be prompted to complete your profile to get started.

What ages is this for?

The Magician’s Nephew LAT is designed for grades 1-8. See our notes below about what different ages of children might need in addition to this program. We anticipate adding two more levels of books in the future — one level geared for grades 5-9 and another for grades 8-12. Older kids will always need a supplemental grammar and composition program.

Is this all my younger child needs for language arts?

Younger children will need a reading curriculum, and almost all will need a spelling curriculum as well. You will also need to teach letter formation before moving to copy work. Once those skills are solid, then LAT is all your child needs.

Is this all my older child needs for language arts?

Starting at 11, most children will benefit from an additional composition program and at least one year of grammar and usage in middle school. Since LAT is gentle and done as a family, even older kids can join in the reading, instruction, and guided practice before continuing their language arts independently with other in-depth programs.

Are there a bunch of links in these plans?

No, the plans are written with everything you need directly in the plans. You can print the PDF and work from your printed copy. You don’t even need to refer back to the digital PDF as you work.

Are other plans available for purchase separately?

Yes! We currently have Because of Winn-DixieFarmer Boy, and The Trumpet of the Swan available in the shop. We are also in the process of writing additional titles with a new bundle that will be available in July 2024.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product with immediate and permanent access to our intellectual property via download, no refunds will be given.

What if I have another question?

We are here to help! Email us at for answers.

With the Language Arts Together curriculum, you’ll transform your homeschooling into a learning adventure your entire family will look forward to every day.


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