Saint of the Day for Kids: Tech Thursday

The Saint of the Day for Kids is the best addition to our morning time all year. Right about the time I was bemoaning my ability to celebrate the liturgical year with regularity, this little gem appeared on my radar.

After using it a couple of months, I can give it a whole-hearted endorsement. This app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad is great!

Saint of the Day for Kids provides an easy way to prayerfully focus on a saint for every day of the year.  From the home page of the app you can choose the saint for today, yesterday and preview tomorrow’s saint.

The app includes a kid-friendly bio of the saint, a lovely, brief prayer asking for the saint’s intercession and a coloring page. It even tells you which country each saint hails from — prefect for my geography-loving girl.

I love these saint bios. They are just long enough to provide interesting information without losing the kids’ attention. Full of fun details important to kids (St. Ignatius of Loyola had eleven brothers and sisters!) the bios also give reasons why the saints are good examples to follow (St Agnes of Montepulciano served her religious sisters “like she was serving Jesus himself.”)

My favorite part of the app, though, are the daily prayers of intercession. These sweet prayers not only teach children the habit of asking intercession of the Church Triumphant, but they also contain gentle reminders of how even the least among us are important and have great things to do.

From Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity:

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, you taught us so much about loving God even though you had such a short life. Pray for us, that we would remember we can do great things with our lives, even though we are young.

Saint of the Day for Kids Features

There are a number of features that make the app extra helpful.Saint of the Day for Kids App Review saint bio | Everyday Snapshots

  • The app includes a variety of saintly search functions. In addition to seeing today’s saint you can search for saint by calendar view, have the app choose a list of random saints to explore, or choose saints from an alphabetical list.
  • Sharing options allow you to print the day’s saint with an AirPrint enabled printer, share the saint to Facebook (because we all know Facebook needs more saints), or email the saint details to any email address.
  • Emailing the saint details also sends a copy of the coloring page to your email. From there you can print the coloring page if you do not have an AirPrint printer.
  • The app will also let you create a list of your favorite saints. Simply highlight the star at the upper left of the saint’s bio and he or she will be saved to your favorites list. This is perfect for saving the patrons of particular family members or saints whose lives you want to explore further.

I would love it if the app had an “open with” feature under the sharing options. This would allow me to open the saint in my printer app and print directly from my phone without the emailing step since my printer is wireless but not AirPrint enabled.

Another great feature would be including the years the saint lived. I often wonder how each saint fits into our history studies and that information is not usually included in the bio. Maybe that information could be included next to the saint’s country of birth.

Tech Thursday pin | Everyday SnapshotsIn reality, though, the Saint of the Day for Kids app is a great deal for $1.99 — especially since we use it almost every single day. Handy and prayerful — just the way I like my saints.

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  • Amber says:

    This app looks great! Do they have it set up so that it lines up to the liturgical year, so you read about the saint on his or her feast day?

    I wonder why I didn’t see this post in my RSS reader… I’m glad I had subscribed to your newsletter!

    • Yes, the saints are set up to line up with the liturgical year.

      I’m glad you get the newsletter too. How did you subscribe to the feed? Via Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin’, Feedly?

      • Amber says:

        Oh good, thanks for letting me know.

        I use Feed Wrangler to manage my feeds. I just checked and the last entry from your feed is from Feb. 19th. I went to your homepage and used my RSS subscription shortcut (from Feed Wrangler) and it says there is no RSS feed available. I don’t see a link on your site for the RSS feed directly, so I can’t try adding it from that.

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