I am a Type A person! I like my checklists and my planners. I felt like our homeschool day had become too much about how many boxes I could check.

The thing is..I wasn’t getting to the things that I valued for my children. We weren’t having time for reading, memorization of scripture and singing hymns. We didn’t have time for poetry. Truth, goodness, and beauty were missing.

Morning time has changed all of that. For almost five years now, we start our day with a hymn, prayer, and rich memory work. We have read aloud time in the morning. Math can wait! It sets the tone for our day. It encourages us to think on what is truly good. It makes the math lesson a lot more pleasant when our hearts have been focused on what truly matters.

Pam’s blog and podcast have been a huge encouragement for our family to keep plugging along.

Kristie Anderson