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We all know that we should read to our children, but there are also benefits to the practice of telling our children stories.

On this episode of the podcast Charlotte Mason educator and master storyteller Sheila Carroll is here to talk about the benefits of sharing stories, some techniques to use, and how to enchant your children with wonderful tales.

Links and resources from today’s show:

The Tortoise and the HarePinThe Tortoise and the HareOne Grain Of RicePinOne Grain Of RiceGoldilocks and the Three BearsPinGoldilocks and the Three BearsThis Is the House That Jack BuiltPinThis Is the House That Jack BuiltThe Gingerbread ManPinThe Gingerbread ManThe StonecutterPinThe Stonecutter


Key Ideas about Storytelling in Morning Time

Humans are made for stories. It’s how we communicate which is why it can be such an effective means of educating children. Learning through stories is very powerful.

Allowing children to narrate and tell stories gives them a chance to internalize the living ideas being presented to them. If they can tell the story back, even if it’s in their own words, they will truly know that story.

Storytelling to your children can start with just telling stories from our own childhood or from your family. These stories give our children a piece of their own story and where they come from. Other simple stories to use are Aesop fables.

Children can also learn to be good storytellers by using tools like story maps and cumulative tales. It’s our job to help them understand that storytelling is really just an invitation to imagine. There is no “right” way to tell a story.

Find what you want to hear:

  • 2:29 Meet Sheila
  • 7:00 Sheila’s introduction to Charlotte Mason
  • 11:56 Sheila discusses their mission in Africa
  • 13:45 benefits of storytelling
  • 15:37 crafting stories vs. reading stories
  • 21:17 keys to good storytelling
  • 24:44 Sheila tells a story
  • 33:47 practical tips for storytelling
  • 37:05 handling the reluctant storyteller and telling stories with our children

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