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Heather Bunting is passionate about helping families learn to sing — even if mom doesn’t think she can carry a tune at all. Through her free YouTube channel, Children of the Open Air, Heather helps make solfege lessons, hymns, and folks songs accessible for homeschool families everywhere.

In this episode of the podcast, Heather talks about the skill of learning to sing, how we can incorporate singing lessons into our Morning Time, and what to do about those who feel they lack the talent to succeed. I invite you to listen and be inspired to bring singing to your own Morning Time.

Links and Resources from Today’s Show

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Key Ideas about Singing in Morning Time

One of the greatest gifts we have as humans is our ability to sing. Each of us are born with a free instrument, our voice, and therefore we should learn to use it. Solfa, or Solfege, is a tool we can use to learn how to use our voices. It’s a way of helping the child learn how to hear the sounds in music and translate it to notes on a page.

By teaching our children how to sing at a young age, we are giving them a gift that they can use now and in the future. Having a successful experience with music in your homeschool doesn’t have to include singing on stage. Instead, the goal should be enjoyment, connection, and skill building.

Children of the Open Air on YouTube is a great channel for teaching children how to sing using Solfa. Heather makes the lessons short, simple, and a perfect addition to Morning Time.

Find What you Want to Hear

  • [3:08] meet Heather Bunting
  • [6:20] Morning Time in Heather’s home
  • [10:35] importance of learning to sing
  • [12:48] for the mom who can’t sing – can anyone learning to sing
  • [17:30] music and the habit of attention
  • [18:20] integrating music and singing into the day
  • [21:45] defining solfege
  • [24:48] Children of the Open Air lessons
  • [28:28] preparing for a solfa lesson
  • [30:30] helping the resistant child engage
  • [37:36] helping the family sing togethe

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