YMB #20 Song, Stories, and Memories Made Together


Classical music is part of the true, good, and beautiful feast I want to spread before my children. Unfortunately, most days I am at a loss as to how to enjoy it myself. Is there more to classical music than a bunch of strings making, what sounds like to me, just noise?

How do I choose which pieces and composers to introduce? What if we don’t like a piece? Why should I even bother when my child enjoys other types of music?

In this episode of Your Morning Basket, Pam interviews Bonnie Simon, creator of Maestro Classics. Bonnie has fond memories of her parents playing the violin and cello as she went to bed, and Saturday classical music concerts on the radio. She gently explains how you can give your child found memories of classical music through stories.

By using stories and listening to classical music together, we can help our children develop a relationship with classical music that will stay with them their whole lives. Come listen and learn how to make musical memories with your children.


YMB #20 Song, Stories, and Memories Made Together with Bonnie Simon

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  • Sarah M says:

    Our family have been Maestro Classics fans for YEARS! I can’t remember where we heard about them, but we have collected 7 or 8 cds from them over the last number of years and my kids (7 and 9) still love to listen to them. I’m happy to also see them at our local library so other kids can enjoy them. 🙂

  • Heidi says:

    I have all the MC CDs (I grabbed them all when they offered a huge military discount a few months ago). But I have to point out that instead of doing Bonnie’s suggestion of buying $1 a week of KickAss Classics, just buy the whole album on Amazon for $5.99!!! And there’s a Halloween album for $6.99!!

  • Emma says:

    This was so wonderful and inspirational to listen to. Such great ideas. Thank you Bonnie and Pam.

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